Friday, February 24, 2017

Mindlessness of the Class Warriors


Yck said...

Ya that describes you perfectly Stan. Oops, did that hurt your feelings? Awww so sorry. But don't you worry, you'll have Robert and Steven to come and tell me to go away to protect your safe space.

Stan said...

Har! You can't hurt my feelings because you are not possessed of sufficient intellect to actually address any of the issues raised here. There have been countless leftist gnats like yourself who think that they are irritants when they are actually just pitiable non-entities who don't even know that they are non-entities.

If you have a contribution, then make it; otherwise you will be deleted, OK?

Yck said...

OK!!! BUT THERE IS NOTHING INTELLIGENT TO REPLY TO! You call leftist all things that annoy your sorry feelings lmao

Yck said...

Look at the correlation... maybe there is some causation too?
Anything intelligent to say about that?

Stan said...

Yes. It is quite convenient that the maps are illegible and that no source is given. Thus, there is no reasonable credibility to be attached.

What intelligent comment do you have to defend such a thing?

Yck said...

Ahah as if the maps were that illegible that you cannot make out what the point is! Let's dumb it down for you: Religiosity correlates with many bad things going on in our society.

It's especially true for some of the things that religion pretends to be good at, like preventing teen pregnancy, because sex between non-married Christians is awful obviously. But it turns out that more secular areas are faring much better. You know, it's as if treating people like intelligent human beings instead of zombies that need to be brainwashed with God ideas, is better...

ENJOY, and please do tell us why this is all bullshit because it does not come from Infowars or Breibart or some other right-wing site.......

Stan said...

Well, after reading through your first link, it is obvious that you did not even read the article which you referenced. For Example:

”Some studies have suggested that greater religiosity is associated with either greater abstinence or lower teen birth rate. Hardy and Raffaelli, who analyzed data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, reported that higher time one religiosity predicted a lower likelihood of first sexual intercourse between time one and time two [4]”

” Loury concluded that communities with larger communities of Catholics and Conservative Protestants have lower rates of teen childbearing, all other things equal [5].”

” McCree and colleagues found that African-American females with higher religiosity scores were more likely to have initiated sex at a later age, to have used a condom in the last six months, and to possess more positive attitudes toward condom use [6].”

” Rostosky et al. found that adolescent religiosity predicted later coital debut [7]”

” Miller and Gur found, upon analyzing the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health in the U.S., that frequent attendance of religious events in girls 12 to 21 years old was positively associated with a "responsible and planned use of birth control" [8].”

” A complicating variable related to teen births and religiosity is the rate of abortions among teens. Adamczyk and Felson, after analyzing longitudinal survey data from the U.S., reported that more highly religious women are less likely to have either an abortion or an out of wedlock pregnancy [15]. Tomal, upon analyzing data from 1024 counties in 18 U.S. states, found that religious membership level was negatively related to teen abortion rates [16].”

Further, the entire enterprise was based on several assumptions, rather than actual data:

” In order to obtain one composite religiosity score for each state, we averaged the percents of respondents endorsing the most religious answer across the eight questions.”

” A possible confounding variable in the relationship between teen birthrate and religiosity is household income level.”

” To account for another factor which could complicate the analysis of teen birthrate and religiosity, we estimated the abortion rate among teenagers for each state.”

” The justification for forming an index from the Pew religion items

We examined the 28 intercorrelations among the eight different religiosity variables reported in the Pew Survey.”

YES. It was manipulated data from a SURVEY. It was not a legitimate, controlled, double-blind study with any scientific significance at all. It was pure survey data manipulation. At least they had the honesty to report the contradictory studies, shown above.

What have we learned here? That you produce data as Truth, when that data has internal contradictions large enough to fly a fleet of B52s in formation through.

The impression left is not a positive in your favor, nor in the favor of the validity of any of your “data”.

I'll not be wasting any of my time on your lying Leftist sources - their credibility left the building years ago.

Xellos said...

There's a factor Yck's map is missing: black population. Of course, it's not politically correct to show it coincides with "child maltreatment death" and "teen pregnancy" just as well as "protestants" and "baptists".

Greg said...

Blacks are more religious yes