Saturday, March 4, 2017

Comment of the Day

Jesse JamesMarch 3, 2017 at 8:24 PM

I think the bar fight analogy is apropos here. Once the fists start flying, it doesn't really matter in the larger sense the little differences and whether you thought your friend should have hit on that guy's girl or not, it becomes a binary equation. Hit the guy swinging at you more and harder than he hits you. The statists have weaponized identitarian politics to the point where there are irreconcilable differences between neighbors, family members and people groups. We are now at the level of bar fight politics and somebody is going to hit on the wrong girl or look at someone the wrong way. It's only a matter of time. I don't like it, but it doesn't change the perception of the majority of Americans that a rather large segment wants to strip them of money, rights and influence. Whether true or not, people are past the point of being convinced through facts and it's the awkward moment before the fighting begins but past the point of verbal communication.
To show the wrong identity gets you only charges of "hate" from the "tolerant" identitarians. They cannot tolerate what they hate. So their hate drives the entire western civilization into dis-civil Class War. It's purely driven by their self-righteous indignation, their fear and arrogance, their Marxist education, and their self-promotion as Saviors of the World - i.e., their concept of personal messiahism.

They never seem to attack your principles, except in false, cartoon form. They attack you personally, as a defective person. So they immediately put you into their Class War as the hated Other; the Oppressor Class, the Class which is Deplorable of course, and must be defeated entirely, completely destroyed. It starts with denigration, then to hate crimes, then to attacks on livelihoods and other support systems, and on toward complete destruction without war.

And it is a War. Some call it The Cold Civil War. Whatever it is called it is the war against civilization by the mindless Marxist zombies who slow march through the institutions, and through civilization as a whole, devouring everything of value that they can reach.

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