Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sarah Hoyt: Wars and Rumors of Wars

Upside Down

Let’s hope this tide is not a blood tide, though it will be, in some places, at some times. It always is. Man is a fighting ape.

But if you are a manager, or have the ear of one, think through things. How everything is affected, what is likely to come next. Then try to influence things to keep stuff going, with minimal shocks.

Because the confused and shell-shocked elites have started fighting back. This is most obvious after the elections, and in politics, but it’s happening at all levels. And because they don’t know why things are failing, they’re starting to get paranoid. There’s going to be a lot of deplatforming and politics of destruction ahead. And that leads very easily to politics of physical destruction.

Be prepared. Think about the future as well as you can. This is difficult, on account of the future hasn’t happened yet, and there’s things you’ll not take in account and things that will go wrong. Sure. But you’re plenty smart enough to keep a step or two ahead of destructive change. Most of us are.

Most industries/institutions/polities won’t get this. You must try to save what you can from the wreckage, but be aware, too, that we’re about to go upside down.

Be ready for it. Be prepared. Don’t lose your way. We’re going to need all the people who can think through this, plus some, to avoid a blood letting that will make the French Revolution or the American Civil war look like tea with the parish ladies.

Keep your head, keep your sanity. Be not afraid.

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