Saturday, March 4, 2017

PZ Meyers, On Ghosts and Afterlife

H.T.: A Reddy:
No ghosts, and no afterlife of any kind

Basic stuff: Brian Cox explains that there’s no physics to support the existence of ghosts, but I’ve also heard Sean Carroll explain the same idea.

Standard Materialist complaint: "Yeah, I asked a dead guy about it, and he didn't say anything". Ipso Facto QED. Settled Science.

But the serious ridicule object is the Appeal to the Large Hadron Collider: "checked all the frequencies, no sign of ghosts or afterlife or any physical medium to support them". But did they check the 5th through 11th coincident dimensions demanded under the beautiful String Theory Equations? No? Why Not?

Well, why not? Don't biology profs like String Theory? What about Carroll?

Just: Why NOT??

When did the LHC detect Dark Matter? Dark Energy?

Understanding only 4% of the visible universe (and only a small part of that is said even to be visible) is not impressive. Further, the origin of the Big Bang had to be fudged with an invisible "expansionary time", violating physics laws. Further still, the discovery of a Red shift galaxy in front of a white galaxy means that red shift has no meaning regarding an expanding universe - and if so, then there was no Big Bang. And even more further still, measurements of the age of the universe and age of the earth will be compromised by all this new info. When will physicists admit to their complete failure to understand most of the universe? Maybe even ALL of the universe?


Steven Satak said...

Meyers and his ilk have been patting down the earth on Christianity's grave ever since they crucified Christ. Because it's impossible, according to them, because they said so.

And yet... it's been 2000 years and counting, and no sign that Meyers has had any more luck this time than at any time in the past.

You ask me, it's like Meyers is whistling past the graveyard. One thing's for sure, though. He'll get his chance to find out, first-hand, just like everyone else.

Stan said...

There will come a time when ALL of the highly vaunted physics and cosmology of today is considered somewhere between quixotically quaint and totally foolish. To be a Materialist while knowing nothing but such quaint, foolish notions is not merely ignorant, it is beyond foolish because it is outside of rational reasoning.

Steven Satak said...

It is, however, a biggish step towards the Materialist-Magician that C. S. Lewis wrote of in his book "The Screwtape Letters".