Thursday, April 6, 2017

Diversity vs. Reality in Islamic Regions


Blake said...

What a horrible way to turn a symbol of hope and friendship into death and hate. You are evil dude.

Stan said...

Let's see. I have chopped no Christian's head off, thrown no homosexual off of high buildings, persecuted and killed no Jews, stolen no black girls to be raped as sex slaves, strapped no explosives to children, blown up no historical artifacts, enslaved no women under patriarchal hegemony, killed no civilians in the name of a deity, never lied about who I am in order to gain access to gun-free/open-fire zones, never lied about being "peaceful" in the face of evidence otherwise.

Nope. What I did was to show the stupidity of believing that Islam is an inclusive, tolerant, loving credo in the face of empirical evidence to the contrary.

That to the hermetic mind is "evil", while Islam is not. What does that say about the hermetic mind?

Well, what?

Blake said...

Crazy mofo, Islam is awful to many, sure, doesn't make you better, or maybe just slightly better than a jihadist, how's that? You're not as evil as ISIS, there, happy?? Still make your comments here disgusting as most Muslims are also not evil

northierthanthou said...

If the best that be said of a post is that you didn't kill anyone when making it, then there isn't much of value in the post.

Steven Satak said...

"A symbol of hope and friendship". Like hell it is. What it is, is what John Lennon's song "Imagine" was - a nihilistic white flag whining to all the world "Can't we all just get along?"

We can't. Peace has to be accepted by both sides. Multiculturalism will always be the false flag used to get a foot in your door. Before you know it, everything you love and value will be destroyed by people who rule with guns. They don't give a damn about your "hope and friendship", and as long as I am tasked with defending your sorry ass, neither do I.

But you don't care about this. You don't even think about it, because that would go against your personal faith in your own ideology. Lazy elitist grub.

Your 'nym is blank - I am guessing you are another of the endless sockpuppets sent to us from the internet's Leftist/Atheist echo chambers.

Stan said...

Worshiping a child-raping, murdering, genocidal, racist reflects directly upon the "goodness" of the worshiper. Denying that is just as evil as the actual act of worship, and the actual acts of the worshiped. To claim that Islam and its adherents are "peaceful" is to deny the content of the Qur'an; that is anti-rational. Maximally, suicidally, anti-rational.

But today, evil is defined not by acts, but by identity. The worshipers of a child-raping, murdering, genocidal racist are considered to be of the class "Victimhood" by their enablers, the class "Messiah". By definition Victimhood Class members cannot do evil no matter how egregious their beliefs and actions may be to the actual community at large. The Victimhood Classes are given a moral, ethical pass due to their identity.

By contrast, those who criticize the beliefs and actions of those who are endowed with Victimhood are placed into the class: Oppressors. This is because their thoughts are evil and dangerous and must be suppressed, eliminated. Hence the eliminationist rhetoric from the Messiah Class. A rhetoric which matches the rhetoric of the Islamic class. I.e., quasi-educated barbarism.

Truth does not enter into the equation. There can be no discussion with Messiahs, because difference=hate, and difference is an obstruction to the March To Dictated Utopia on Earth. Hundreds of millions of innocent people died in just the past 90 years, as the Utopians marched through the cultures, pressing love and the New Man onto entire populations which disappeared in their wake.

The New Utopians don't care about this history and/or remain arrogantly ignorant as they pursue their "all new" approach to "loving" control of all other people. Assigning "hate" is the same old Leninist, Maoist, Marxist delusion. Class War is Marxist to the core, totalitarian to the core, Atheist to the core, and genocidal to the core. The SJWs are just more of the same old totalitarian Marxism. Same ol', Same ol'.

Steven Satak said...

I rolled over their 'nyms and learned all I needed to know. Lazy Leftists looking to amuse themselves. Their religion's first mantra is 'Shut Up!'.

Educating them is largely a waste of time. They're too lazy to think for themselves and too lazy to act on it if they did.

One of the first lessons I learned here is: people who expect to be taken seriously, play by the rules of of the game and display right off the qualities of reason and accountability.

These "no-nyms" don't really bother me. They are Leftist coyotes, yipping at the wagon train of Mankind. They will be left behind, while the train - and the people on it - moves on.

Blake said...

Stan and Steven, you 2 are the lazy MOFOs here. Too lazy to try to understand the differences between Islam and Islamists, too lazt to look at stats regarding Muslims as a whole, too lazy to think about the failure of your own silly religion. All you're doing is spit out your emotions and disdain for others who don't fit your close minded views.

It's basically 'me, good, me white, me Christian, others not white or not Christians bad!'

Steven Satak said...

Oh, put a sockpuppet in it, "Blake". Your language is that of a failed human.

You talk like a meat puppet from one of those atheist echo chambers. Be silent.