Sunday, April 16, 2017

Furries Take Over Climate Panic?

Climate Scientists Spread Panic: ‘Ten Years’ to Save the Earth

In the latest in radical climate doomsaying, a new report warns that fossil fuel consumption will need to be reduced “below a quarter of primary energy supply by 2100” to avoid possibly disastrous effects on global temperatures.

In their report, titled “Pathways for balancing CO2 emissions and sinks,” a team of eight scientists warns that “anthropogenic emissions need to peak within the next 10 years, to maintain realistic pathways to meeting the COP21 emissions and warming targets.”

The statement was immediately repackaged by environmentalists to read: “Scientists say we have ten years to save the earth.”

As is always the case in studies of this sort, the scientists juggle dozens of variables, none of which is entirely predictable and which taken together tell us virtually nothing about the future of the environment.

Although the scientists admit that “there are significant uncertainties associated with projecting energy consumption several decades into the future,” they fail to acknowledge a number of even greater uncertainties implicit in their calculations.

Despite their valiant efforts to produce trustworthy projections, the scientists rely on basic presumptions that are contested by extremely capable minds within their own field.

Dr. Duane Thresher, a climate scientist with a Ph.D. from Columbia University and NASA GISS, has stated bluntly that it is “mathematically impossible for climate models to predict climate.”


Steven Satak said...

They cannot predict the weather two weeks from now with any confidence.

They have been shown to be heavily influenced by special interests who pay their salaries.

They are associated with people who show no shame whatever at fudging environmental numbers and rigging their software for an outcome that favors alarmists.

Why, oh why, do they think we will believe them THIS time? Or is that broken record only taken out when they don't have the Trump bogeyman to scream about?

Fox said...

"They cannot predict the weather two weeks from now with any confidence."

How can someone be so ignorant!? Weather and climate are not the same thing!

Steven Satak said...

Ah. I see. Proof by insult.

But it leaves the further question, which was implied in my comment: if they can't predict the weather, how are they to accurately predict the 'climate'? Their computer models, like those of the evolutionists, only 'work' to their satisfaction when the darned things are fed jiggered data.

You can change the words around all you like. Magic doesn't work, even on the internet.

Fox got your tongue?