Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ezekiel at 11 Weeks, Walter at 19 Weeks


And Walter at 19 Weeks

Out of the many comments expressing their condolences, some have stated that the photos—which continue to be shared to this day—helped change their mind about abortion.

“I am so shocked at my ignorance as to the development of a baby,” one commenter named Barbara wrote. “I will no longer look on as an observer. I will become an active informational type of person and share this as an example of life, the life of a baby—a real baby.”

“[M]y views on abortion have completely changed,” another named Jordan wrote. “How naive have I been?!”

Some women stated that seeing Walter’s photographs saved their own child’s life.

“Just came across Walter’s pictures. … I am pregnant and been in such a bad place this week. Did my first scan last week and he’s a boy, too. But this week I started praying for a miscarriage or decide to terminate since his father has shirked all responsibility,” one mother wrote. “I asked God to gimme a sign today that we will be fine, or I go ahead and seek a termination tomorrow. A few hours later, I see the link on Facebook. It put me to tears. But most importantly it has made me know without a doubt that I cannot do this to him.”

“[S]haring your story and showing his pictures it has helped me so much,” another named Crista wrote. “I just had a baby 7 months ago and I’m pregnant again. The father wants me to get an abortion and I thought about it, but now there is no way I can do it. God blessed me with this child for a reason, and I will take care of her and love her just like I do my other children.”

“I wish that this (miscarriage) hadn’t happened, but it did for a reason,” Fretz said. “Maybe that reason was to share with the world how perfect a baby which is legal to abort in many states really is.”
This is the reason that Planned Parenthood sells the dismembered parts: they are perfect, human parts, which were part of a whole, living human until s/he was killed.


Fox said...

You are a disgusting person Stan. Seriously messed up. Get yourself checked out.

Stan said...

Awwww. What's wrong, my child? Can't stand the sight of humans?

Fox said...

Either way it's messed up, that's what you don't get: either you think it's an actual human and you just posted disgusting pictures of dead aborted babies to whom you show 0 respect, or you think they are not humans yet, and posted disgusting fetal tissue pictures meant to do nothing but trigger an emotional response. But the picturr are nothing compared to you, the person making such posts. You're a disgusting person for doing that, regardless of your opinion on the matter. No respect for humam fetus, no respect for rational discourse regarding the difficult topic of abortion, and no respect for women's right to choose obviously. Just sheer evil attitude meant to shock and disgust. And the fact that your response was an insulating Awwwww tells a lot about your level of detachment from the topic. Ask women who went through abortions if they liked it, ask women who couldn't get one if they are happier. Abortions isn't pleasant for anyone, on either side of the issue, and you make a disgusting mockery out of it. Shame on you.

M A S T E R M I N D T A T T O O said...

Fox has completely missed the point.

Steven Satak said...

Yes, I am afraid Fox has.

Like abortion is holy or something. To Fox, it probably is, as it is one of the sacraments of the AtheoLeft.

No surprises here. The usual squeals of outrage, alternating with insult and accusation. Gods, what a boring soundtrack. Like all the others. And as annoying as a laugh-track on an old TV sitcom.

There is no reason here - we're supposed to be ashamed that Stan put the pictures up, but feel no shame at killing babies before they are even born?