Saturday, April 15, 2017

Deconstructing Atheism

Assume first that an Atheist is not actually an agnostic. An agnostic will admit that he cannot know the source of the universe, life, mind, or agency, and is content with not knowing. He must reject all evidence and arguments, and insist on hard material evidence, as an Atheist would, but he remains circumspect and cannot know (solipsistic).

The Atheist, on the other hand, believes and sometimes claims that there can be no deity. It is not the case that Atheists just “have no god-belief”, as many have started to claim in order to avoid answering for their belief system when it is questioned, or the Atheist is asked for actual evidence of the truth of his beliefs. At their core, Atheists believe that there is no deity. That is how they act, as if there is no deity.

Atheists also believe that the natural, sensory material existence is all there is. Since material existence is deterministic, the universe is neutral to human existence and cares nothing about pain and suffering and whether humans exist or not. The existence of pain cannot be explained under Atheism.

Atheists also believe that they alone are rational, moral and empathetic. They believe that they are the apogee of human evolution and quite possibly are the New Man of Leftist lore. Observe them and watch for these characteristics.

Levels of Existence according to Philosophical Materialism, the necessary foundational principle of Atheism.

Original Existence; the Null Hypothesis:
Cause: None
Ontology (material existence): None
Epistemology (Truth): None
Deterministic Cause and Effect: None

Existence; Level 1:
Cause: Material existence caused itself, Despite lack of rules of physics.
Ontology: material existence in chaos, zero rules of physics.
Epistemology: None; no First Principles
Deterministic Cause and Effect: None

Existence: Level 2:
Cause: Material existence organizes itself.
Ontology: Material Existence acquires rules of physics.
Epistemology: First Principles, Induction/Deduction and Reduction Ad Absurdum are acquired.
Deterministic Cause and Effect: universal.

The First Principle: Non-Contradiction, refers to coherence.

Atheist Objections:

1. There was no Null existence. Material existence always was.
This is an infinite regression, without any evidence. If a deity requires an explanation, then material existence – before time – also requires an explanation.

2. The rules of Physics always applied, or applied immediately when material existence began.
This requires the notion that two occurrences were simultaneous: the initial existence of material matter, and the rules by which it behaves. There is no reason to believe that happened simultaneously.

3. The rules of physics are descriptive, not prescriptive.
From the point of view of materialist empirical science, that is the case. Science can discover the rules, but cannot force any new or different rules for matter. However, from the logic standpoint, the rules do exist; the rules do not explain their own existence; there must be an explanation for the existence of rational rules (consistent and allowing the existence of First Principles and ensuing logic) regarding inert proton/electron and subparticles to self-assemble into rational structures, including humans and their characteristics, including non-deterministic behaviors (agency), rational analysis, etc.

The rules of physics are deterministic and cannot explain Darwin’s theory of evolution, which is the Atheist creation story. As a creation story, it must include First Life despite the protestations of evolutionists. And despite current technology, the ability to form DNA with all the correct information to create a functioning cell AND replicating it is being abandoned. Determinism does not produce information, and entropy destroys it. The existence of meaningful, complex, massive information (even in reproducible first life) falsifies the exclusive existence of determinism and entropy in the universe. This is another falsifier of Philosophical Materialism.

Further, the fossil record clearly shows that at (roughly) 541 mya according to radioactive decay aging methods, the preceding life forms all went extinct, save sponges and jellyfish. In geological terms, a short time later all the phyla which are still alive today were brought into existence, independently and in parallel with near synchrony, and without a shred of evidence of any common ancestry.

This is called the Cambrian Explosion, and it cannot be explained in evolutionary or Darwinian terms. Atheism and Philosophical Materialism have absolutely no mechanism with which any rational explanation can be made. Evolution, then is a failed theory under Atheism and/or Philosophical Materialism.

4. Scientism
The materialist cult of Scientism claims that all knowledge must regard material existence, and that ultimately all facets of existence will be understood materialistically by science and its discoveries. This means that the cultists don’t comprehend that science cannot be an explanation for itself. That is circular reasoning, and is non-coherent, a serious logic failure. Further, probing material existence cannot disprove the existence of non-material existence. That would be a Category Error Fallacy and Circular Reasoning together in one philosophy.. Thus Philosophical Materialism cannot justify itself, or its claim that non-material existence is false.

5. Science After Darwin
Further still, science has become detached from its origins. Science was moored to logic through the principles of empiricism. But after Darwin it became acceptable to make opinion and story-telling into a process for making “scientific” discoveries and assertions. Darwin’s evolution is declared Truth within the Evolution industry, and has been given legal support via the US court system. But evolution merely consists of speculations, based on a mute fossil record which actually refutes evolution.

Atheism will not be convicted by any of these arguments or evidences. Atheism is the religion of anti-religion in the same way that every particle has its anti-particle. Atheism provides escape from absolute morality, allows the Atheist to create his own morality, allows the Atheist to claim faux-intellectualism, and as a consequence of that, faux-elitism. This self-positioning commonly results in Messiahism, as the Atheist elitist considers some of the “herd” of humans to be victims in need of saving from the other part of the herd. Thus the morality of Marxist Three Class warfare infests the large majority of Atheists today, under the name, Social Justice Warriors.

Atheism is dependent upon Philosophical Materialism, which exists as an accumulation of logic errors.

Without Philosophical Materialism, Atheism on its own cannot prove that non-material existence doesn’t exist. Atheism cannot prove that material existence created itself, rules for itself, and rationality within human agents. Atheism cannot prove anything regarding the existence of a deity.

Atheism is a personal desire for elitist autonomy, unanswerable to any moral authority who is not himself.

Atheism leads to unconscionable moral theories, and consequentially becomes Leftist, totalitarian and Marxist.

When I started this blog 9 ½ years ago, I assumed that Atheists really were rational, as they claim, and were evidence-based as the claim. They are not. Atheism is based on emotional needs, and it rejects any Aristotelian logic which contradicts it. And Aristotelian logic does, in fact, contradict Atheism. Friedrich Nietzsche used Aristotelian logic to launch his proof that Atheism is anti-rational. Then he developed his theory of Anti-Rationalism.

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JBsptfn said...

Excellent post, Stan. Yes, atheism seems to be an irrational position based on emotion, not truth. IMS (IM Skeptical), the atheist pest, seems to prove that every day on the CADRE:

Christian CADRE: Fact of the Resurrection by N.T. Wright

He said something about how the people in Jesus' time were gullible. Then, I responded with something about how he believes that life came from non-life, and that he wasn't in position to say that anyone is gullible.

Here was one of his responses: You don't see God creating life, do you? What a joke?