Friday, April 14, 2017


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Steven Satak said...

"It is really important to have rationality, consistency and the moral high ground..."

The hell it is. We have Moly glossing over the situation in Syria, pointing out how ironic it is that America is upset with Syria's loose borders when America is worried about its own borders. Our issue was with the movement of Iraqi fighters over that border, retreating and advancing with impunity because the Syrians, ostensibly our allies, refused to stop them. What that has to do with America's current issue over illegal border crossings is anyone's guess, and Molyneux does not elaborate.

Seven and a half minutes of assumptions, accusations, flippancy and innuendo. The guy is pointing out that the whole thing is confusing AS SEEN BY THE COMMON MAN-IN-THE-STREET and that stupid decisions are being made.

So what? I can't think of a time in history when that wasn't so. So we're just supposed to give up our objectives and go home because we cannot pursue a perfect war?