Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Not Woke to the Evils of White Skin? Here's Help For You

Believing that their own success depends upon removing success from white people, the unabated march of anti-white racists rolls on. Now you can learn how to be "Not-Racist" about removing opportunities from whites, for your own benefit. Here's the place to be:
Got privilege? Kansas City preparing to host the national White Privilege Conference
Repeat: it is NOT RACISSSSS for minorities to plot against whites, to take away what they've got, and to rail against skin color.
Only whites can be RACISSSS, and that's because they are white. They are born bad. If you need that point cleared up, then this is the place for you to be re-educated.

And here's the group to re-educate you:
The Privilege Institute

Disclaimer: If you are white and show up, that doesn't relieve you of your evil skin color privilege. Just so you know.

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