Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Science-Speak For "The Predictions Didn't Work Out So Well, So We're Changing Them"

Anthropogenic impact on Antarctic surface mass balance, currently masked by natural variability, to emerge by mid-century
So the ice mass didn't change out of original stasis expectations, i.e., within normal min/max expectations for non-warming. But we know - KNOW - that by 2050 it will finally leave that normal range. Another 33 years ought to do it. Yep. We'll all be retired by then, sipping Mai Tais on the beach and won't give a shit whether this prediction fails or not. Gotta love a job with absolutely NO consequences for abject failure. In fact, abject failure just produces another paper for our CV portfolio.

BTW: this is explicit proof that the models do NOT reflect actual nature: the "Natural Variations" buried the "signal" so that the signal could not be found. That is their excuse for the admitted "discrepancy between models and observations" required an explanation, which they conveniently had at hand.

BTW #2: This is why the sea level is NOT rising as predicted. The snowfall and new ice at the Antarctic keeps the water out of the oceans.

Too bad that the "thousands of climate scientists" didn't pick up on this in their models, isn't it.

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