Saturday, May 27, 2017

Denver Decriminalizes DOMESTIC VIOLENCE To Protect Criminal Immigrants

Denver Decriminalizes DOMESTIC VIOLENCE To Protect Criminal Immigrants

The Denver City Council agreed Monday to change to local sentencing guidelines in order to shield legal immigrants convicted of domestic violence from deportation proceedings.

In a unanimous 12-0 vote, council members revised criminal penalties for several “low-level” crimes, reducing the maximum sentence to less than 365 days in jail. Under federal law, a criminal conviction that results in a sentence of a year or more is grounds for deporting any alien, including U.S. visa holders and legal permanent residents.

The changes, originally proposed by Denver mayor Michael Hancock, split criminal violations of city ordinances into three categories, reports the Denver Post. A first-time domestic violence charge is now considered a “mid-level” offense — comparable to crimes such as trespassing and shoplifting — and will carry a sentence of 300 days in jail and a $999 fine.

City code maintains the current maximum of a year in jail and a $999 fine for just seven serious offenses, including violent assaults and “repeated” domestic violence.
SEVEN?? She'll be DEAD by then. Obviously this is about pampering Illegal Immigrants, since legal immigrants can't be deported, because they became legal citizens. So that's a transparently non-coherent dodge. And Illegal Immigrant/Muslim identity takes precedent over feminist (female) identity. It's good to know where you stand in the Leftist hierarchy of identities. (I know full well where I stand.)

When a government protects the criminal elements in their midst - even those who are there illegally, you know full well that the dominant ideology is not that of Lawfulness. The "Nation Under Law" has been tossed long ago by the Left. It is now the "Nation Under Leftist Whim of the Day".


Paul said...

Can't you even read YOUR own sources??
- They did NOT decriminalize anything. They changed the sentencing to change the type of crimes it falls under.
- This applies to LEGAL immigrants, including U.S. visa holders and legal permanent residents.
- The SEVEN has nothing to do with someone beating up their partner seven times. It clearly states that there are now only seven different crimes that are considered serious offenses. Nothing to do with someone doing the same thing seven time.


It explains a lot though. You don't know how to process information properly. Now I get it. such a loser. No wonder nobody comments here. Not worth anybody's time. Let me guess, crazies like YOU will claim that nobody is good enough to argue back... looking forward to it.

Bye what a crazy dude....

Stan said...

They revised the crime to avoid the federal criminal specification, which reduces the crime (decriminalizes it) under federal code.

Since the federal judgement would have deported the criminal, it would deport only those who are - obviously - deportable, which does not include legal Americans who have immigrated. And the intent of Denver as a sanctuary city is to protect illegal aliens from deportations. This is how they do it. Whether you like it or not.

And yes, I did misread the seven part, probably. It could be read both ways but you are likely right.

However, you are just one of the arrogant trolls who show up here. And now you are gone. As in banned.

Steven Satak said...

Thanks, Stan. Foaming at the mouth, he was.