Saturday, May 27, 2017

Erdogan's thug is ID'ed; Will He Be Charged?

BOMBTHROWERS EXCLUSIVE: Erdogan thug is Democrat donor

Left-wingers can't keep their hands to themselves

This is the face of "The Resistance" that the Leftists and Donks in general are prescribing in their mindless fury at losing the election to the bitter clingers, fly-overs, and Deplorables. This summer will encourage more thuggery by the Left, and these barbarians will surface. Possibly en masse. We'll see, and then we'll know what must be done.


123 said...

Stan said...

And there's this:

The Race War that the Left desperately wants, is coming.

Steven Satak said...

So long as the knife or gun is not pointed at them, these internet dweebs will welcome it with open arms.