Monday, May 29, 2017

The Good, The Bad, and ...

...the stupid. The maleducation of the masses did not produce mere ignoranti; it produced the enstupidification of entire generations.
The Case for Evil
Captain Capitalism; Rantings and tirades of a frustrated economist.
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In case you are confused by the terminology, it maps thus to western Marxism:
The bad = the self-anointed messiah class: saviors of the universe.
The stupid = maleducated, easily gulled and dependent Victimhood Class.
The good = the Othered Class, aka Oppressor Class, Deplorables, Bitter Clingers, Fly-overs, Whites, esp. white males.
Here's a taste:
If you dare to help out the stupid, tell them the truth, or try to get them to wake up, you run the risk of losing your job, getting doxed, or having your entire career and life ruined, simply because you want to "be good." Donglegate, Brendan Eich, and the Orwellian nightmare that corporate America is becoming is not only proof the bad are winning, but shows just how pervasive and successful the bad have become.

The simple question is, is it worth it?

Morality and religious reasons aside, take a cold, secular look at humanity and ask yourself why not be bad? Not that bad or evil itself has merit, but does the stupid in society deserve the good? And not only does the stupid deserve the good, but with their idiocy, ungratefulness, and outright hatred for the good, does not the stupid deserve the bad in spades?

It is here you almost have to reluctantly admit that "the bad" was right all along. Of course, I argue the bad is bad because they're lazy and have no moral compass, accidentally choosing the right path. But from a practical, functional view it not only pays to be bad, but it is precisely what the stupid deserve. In this case, you almost have to applaud and respect the democrat party, feminists, academia, the psychology industry, and all the other "bad" institutions for the James-Bond-Villain-level global domination plan they've pulled off. And since the stupid is not only all for being the victim to these plans, but hates any good person that tries to help them, even going so for as to ruin these good Samaritans' lives, I cannot help but conclude:

It's good to be bad.

If a wife is going to cheat on her husband, you do yourself no favors refusing to sleep with her. You simply pass up free sex because she's going to cheat anyway. Might as well be the guy to bang her, because it's not going to change the outcome.

If a minority is going to vote for a democrat because of the free gibmedats, he's going to vote for the democrat no matter what. You simply pass up a cushy public office position running as a republican. His poverty is guaranteed regardless, so you might as well lie to him, run as a democrat, and get your government check as well.

If a 20 year old girl is going major in social justice, you're only going to piss her off telling her her dreams are stupid and she should major in engineering. Ergo, push her along and encourage her to ruin her life. You'll not only get on her good side (be you a parent or a boyfriend), but again, she was condemned to major in social justice anyway.

And all my contesting and fighting against the approval of bad loans during the run up to the housing bubble did absolutely nothing to stop it. I would quite literally be a million dollars richer had I just played ball, and NOTHING, NOT ONE THING would be different.

And before you start claiming that any of the above would be immoral and unethical, realize being moral or ethical would have no effect on ANY of the outcomes above. The only difference is whether you profited off of it in the end, delivering the lies the stupid so richly deserve, and were condemned to believe.

It is here I make the argument that for those of us who are "the good," we need to really sit and contemplate the consequences for being so. I know some of you have children and therefore have a vested interest in doing what you can to make the future brighter for them. I know some of you have religious reasons that would prevent you from taking such a Machiavellian approach to humanity. But as I've alluded to in my podcasts before, I am very lucky to make a living as a purveyor of truth. It took two decades and a life of hell to scratch out this morsel of business, but I am incredibly thankful for it and we do a lot of GENUINE good. But the day it goes away, the day the stupid and/or the bad make it illegal, ban channels, ban sites, etc. etc., is the day they leave me no choice. And if Oprah, the democrat party, bankster scum, and academia are any indication, that day is going to be a very profitable one for me indeed because I will aggressively sell the poison and lies the sheep so desperately crave. Just be aware, that day might be coming for you too. And it'd be best if you knew there was a moral case for evil.


Steven Satak said...

It's only a Case for Evil if you don't mind growing to be a crud. And failing to become what you were made for.

But any Christian knows that. It's why we're told to love. Doing bad things, regardless of the outcome for others, does bad things to us.

And it matters, to us, because as C. S. Lewis notes, we are going to live forever.

Bum said...

You're TOLD to move. If only you were to actually do that...

Stan said...

I imagine that your comment meant something to you when you wrote it but...
I have no idea what that might be.

Bum said...

Ohhhhh it was suppose to be told to Love, as Steven wrote.......

Steven Satak said...

Stan, they're not even making any sense with their insults now.

Is this the same sockpuppet that was here earlier?

Stan said...

Steven, they never make any sense do they... This one merely demonstrated that he is from another universe and is just learning the language.

Steven Satak said...

Stan, just so you know, I did not write most of these messages!