Monday, May 29, 2017

More Fruits of the Leftist Class War on American Culture

The western Left has made its "progress" based on the identitarian philosophy of culture warfare. If you are human, you are assigned an identity which is mostly based on your cis-skin color and your cis-sex. These identities, or species, are then placed into specific genus classifications for the purpose of identifying "Friend or Foe", according to the prejudices of the - mostly feminist - Leftist aggressors.

Under current Leftist rules of morality, which vary almost daily, should you happen to be a black female then you are at the pinnacle of moral virtue: you cannot be racist, you cannot be sexist, and your position of moral credibility is not to be questioned... period.

At the dirty end of the Leftist spectrum is the white male, that animalistic, rapist-in-waiting, racist, sexist, homophobic, patriarchal, privileged, probably secretly Christian and slave-holding, human turd (who created western culture - that evil system).

After thus defining people by their superficial, skin-deep, innate characteristics, the Left then class-selects for TOLERANCE, AND INCLUSION, meaning themselves only. And by which they mean exclusion and excoriation of the entire portion of the spectrum of humanity that is not themselves.

This sort of human cultural warfare actually begs for the violence it pretends to decry. The Goods are morally bound to swat down the bads. The Bads don't wish to take that sitting down and bash-back those who hate them. Mutual hatred is the objective, and it is easily achieved by this form of Leftist Culture War by Marxist Identitarian Classism. There actually can be no other outcome, and this outcome is the desired consequence. Re: Cloward-Piven.

In the news is white supremacy, the natural emergence of angry rebellion against the Marxist Culture War. And in the news is black supremacy, also the natural emergence of instigated hostility generated by the Marxist Culture War.

The Leftist Culture War is transparently fundamentally hate-based: racist, sexist, self-righteously violent. It is non-coherent in the sense that its core-essence is that which it officially abhors. Non-coherence is not a problem for those who work purely on emotion. The Culture War offers only hate, while screaming LOVE! It is intensely racist and sexist, while accusing everyone else of that. And it sacrifices some sub-populations at the feet of other populations (and lies about both): homosexuals will be sacrificed (and already have been) to the sacred "Peace" of Islam, despite the massive evidence of Islamic torture-murder of homosexuals around the world.

There is no rational defense for this. It is the specific, direct consequence of the Leftist Self-Righteous Identitarianism that has been weaponized against the enemies of Leftist Mind Control tyranny.

If there could be any doubt of the truth of this, it would be dispelled by the overtly violent, treasonous behavior of the Left ever since November 8, 2016, when they found out that they had lost all, ALL of their elected power. (They still own the Deep State, of course). But now, in the Trump Era, they must act more visibly, out in the open using all their hate and vituperative invective in the desperation attempt to regain influence and power. The tactic as always is to destroy. Destroy, and scorch the earth. That is the Resistance.

As they call for destruction of the elected President (essentially destruction of the republic), more violence will be called forth (and paid for). More is coming, because that's the way the Culture War works.

If one Class must fight another Class, it is purely the fault of the Leftist Class War on America. And It's actually what they want.

Finally, the Leftist Class War is heavily Atheist, as it must be for its enthusiasts to declare their own morality to be the Superior Morality, and of Universal Importance. Only under Atheism can such logical contraries and moral inversions become Cant. The real morality in play is that of Nietzsche and Hegel: Nietzsche's relativist, antirationalist Will To Power, coupled with Hegel's Thesis/Antithesis/synthesis for conquest. It is totally transparent to the eye that is not clouded with Marxist messiahism, which is the motivator and structure. Under these intellectual parasites - especially antirationalism - there is no amount of evidence, no amount of rational discourse which can disabuse the Leftist of fallacies, nor defuse the Leftist hatreds.

So we must deal with it using whatever is necessary to defeat it, again. And again. And again.


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More balanced but you'll like that

Steven Satak said...

So what happens when someone, God forbid, shoots someone like Frances Fox Pivens? They consider themselves an elite, but really, they bleed and die like anyone else. Are they really so divorced from the real world that something like that is impossible?

How do we get rid of these Marxist creeps sawing away at the branch we all sit on? They won't be daunted by the prospect of a pile of dead bodies, as long as they are the body on top.

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Thanks for the link, I appreciate it.