Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Islam Rejoices

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The main concern of American MSM is the "backlash" that Muslims will endure.
Riiiight. Why don't the Muslims just stop doing this??


Stef said...

This isn't Muslims 'rejoicing', that's the English version of ISIS claiming responsibility for the attack.

Or... geez you just cannot help but bash all Muslims for terror attacks from some Muslims, and media organizations who point that out

Stan said...

They are ALL peace loving Muslims. Until they are not. Then lots of people - this time children - get slaughtered in the blink of an eye.

Muslims must follow the life of The Prophet. The Prophet was just as peaceful as these peaceful Muslims were. And you have no idea of how many consumers of this claim to jihadi success there are. Nor do you know the devotion to The Prophet of any of the other Muslims.

Anyone knowledgeable in the history of Islam - say the Moors who conquered pieces of southern Europe - knows just how peaceable Muslims are, so long as they are in charge of the Sharia government, and have their slaves under control.

So your pettifoggery is trivial in the face of factual accounts on the one hand, and modern observations (of the Saudis/Iranians/Syrians/etc) of the actual nature of Islam on the other hand. When the nail bomb winds up next to your seat, just remember how peaceable it is.

Stef said...

Folks like you want to impose Christian law, you're the same as the Muslims who want to impose Sharia law: anti-evolution, anti-abortion, anti-gays, etc... And just like Muslims are not all pro-ISIS, not all Christians are crazy like you, thankfully.

Stan said...

There is no such thing as "Christian Law". There is natural law and the English-driven freedoms which control governmental powers over the people, and there are the defined Rights of Man, which are now anathema to the Left. But there is no such thing as "Christian Law". You are hallucinating.

Paul said...

Stef was right and you are delusional. There is Christian law and YOU want to impose that as a natural law. This is religious mindset at its prime. It becomes some sort of default for everything. It pollutes your mind so much that YOU have this weird blog filled with confused ideas.

Stan said...

There is no Christian Law. And you have no idea what Natural Law is. You show up here and flaunt your ignorance as if you actually had some knowledge. You do not.

If you had any knowledge to share, then you would have done so. But you do not engage in that pursuit. You engage as the petulant teen who craves the attention of "seeming" to know something.

As I said in an earlier comment, you are banned.

Steven Satak said...

These atheists know what will happen to them if they attack Islam on the internet or, indeed, anywhere.

So they puff up Christians and make THEM the boogeyman, and then spew their venom - because they know that, contrary to what the atheist SAYS about Christians and their goals, the atheist has nothing to fear.

Sawing away on the branch that supports them, and makes their particular brand of lunacy even possible.

I sometimes wonder if they really think spouting their delusions on the internet makes any difference at all in the real world? If the answer is yes, then that is to be considered part of their self-delusion.