Thursday, June 8, 2017

Brietbart Goes Full CUCK

Breitbart Editor Katie McHugh: I Was Fired for Anti-Muslim Tweets
Memo to: Breitbart Cucks
Re: Muslims/Islam and the New Breitbart Crap-Weaselism.

1. "Muslim" is not a race. Therefore, it is not racist to criticize Islam.

2. Muslims are not violent, until s/he/they are violent. Then they are very violent.

3. The real Breitbart would go crazy on all you PC-addled, Leftist-SJW virtue-signalling crap-weasels.

4. You are dead to me, traitors.

Please Rot,

1 comment:

Steven Satak said...

What the hell happened to them? I thought they were the good guys.