Thursday, June 8, 2017

Nobody's Lying? That's "Literally Farcical"
The leakers and other "experts" are full of crap. Trump has not, as far as I can tell, lied. He has considered changing his mind on a few things, and I find that objectionable. But he has not lied about anything.

Those claiming otherwise - are the LIARS.


Blake said...

Wrong link? It's the same as your previous post...

Here's more reading for you. Hearing related:
"James Comey’s seven-page written statement, released by the Senate Intelligence Committee this afternoon in connection with Comey’s impending testimony tomorrow, draws no conclusions, makes no allegations, and indeed, expresses no opinions. It recounts, in spare and simple prose, a set of facts to which Comey is prepared to testify under oath tomorrow. Despite this sparseness, or maybe I should say because of it, it is the most shocking single document compiled about the official conduct of the public duties of any President since the release of the Watergate tapes."

More general information: (too late for that one...)

Stan said...

Interesting, but all are raving Leftist apologists, with zero credibility.

It's difficult to get unbiased, factual reporting. I haven't the time at the moment, but I need to read the Comey Papers myself. Maybe this weekend.