Friday, June 9, 2017

Muslims: Never, Ever Violent, Until They Are Violent

Nursery worker is left with broken ribs and needing stitches after she was punched and kicked to the ground and slashed with a Stanley knife by three girls shouting 'Allah will get you'
Victim, named as 'Katie, worked at the Little Diamonds Nursery in Hermon Hill

Karrien Stevens, who runs the nursery, said staff member was on way to work

Victim was dragged to floor and stabbed as attackers chanted 'Allah', she said

Schools in the area were on put 'lockdown' after the attack just after 9.30am

A Metropolitan Police spokesman could not confirm if the force were investigating a hate crime or whether the attackers were known to the victim.
Ah, these high spirited, carefree, harmless Islamic kids these days. Trying so hard to assimilate... And the sweethearts didn't mean anything by "Allah will get you" - it's just a childhood chant, like "ring around the rosie". But what about the Anti-Islamic reaction by the evil non-Leftists who take unwarranted offense at these sweet little Muslim children (we should try to get to know their foods like Hillary sez, that will solve every little misunderstanding like children stabbing adults on the ground).

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