Friday, July 7, 2017

4Chan Weaponizes for Knee-capping CNN

"Humor is essential to a successful tactician, for the most potent weapons known to mankind are satire and ridicule.
Saul Alinsky; Rules For Radicals, p 75.
4chan/pol/ Declares The Great Meme War of 2017
The web is alive:
I know it's only been a day and a half, but the Internet has been busy embarrassing the bejeebers out of CNN after the entire network went bat-crap crazy over a WWE meme, and the results are already hilarious. What CNN didn't consider before appearing to blackmail the meme-maker (who may not actually be the meme-maker) into a forced apology and the associated destruction of his First Amendment rights was 4chan. That's right, the feared autists of the interwebs have been awakened and angered. There is little that makes the shadowy "sh*tposters" more peeved than threatening their anonymity. Keep in mind that these are the people who tracked Shia LaBeouf's art installment by studying contrails in a plain blue sky. They did this three times before LaBeouf gave up and quit trying. These are not people to poke. But CNN decided they would go after one Redditor whose funny gif the president may have tweeted showing Trump tackling a CNN logo WWE style. CNN thought they were going after one guy without realizing he was living inside a giant hive. I'll let Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn fill you in on how that happened. (Particularly amusing is Steyn's assessment that Wolf Blitzer basically put a horse's head in the Redditor's bed.)
GO THERE RIGHT NOW for a bunch of memes!

OK, who's next? NBC?

More here:
We Should Cheer CNN’s Ritual Suicide

“If you ever had any doubt that Donald Trump was right that the mainstream media is the enemy of the American people, CNN corrected your inexplicable inability to comprehend this painfully obvious truth by choosing July 4th to threaten some guy for daring to make fun of Its Medianess Holiness. Apparently, if you dare defy the media it has the right to wreck your life – as long as you are an anti-Obama rodeo clown or a meme-making rando on Reddit. If you are a zillionaire like Anthony Scaramucci with the bucks to hire top flight law firms and Gawkerize its lame carcass – which I would have done in a split-second if CNN had lied about me the way it did about him – then you get a free pass. . . . Now, before we move on, someone is going to point out that the meme guy is kind of a jerk and said stuff that offends decent people. So? How is that the point? This is a multi-billion dollar media corporation using all its power to threaten an individual into not criticizing it. How is that ever okay? And don’t pretend for a minute this media extortion precedent gets limited to outlier Reddit guys. Normal Americans are next.

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