Friday, July 7, 2017

Useless Conservatives: Cowardly RINOs

Being nicey-nice with Leftist aggressions against freedom and the Constitution defines the "Conservatives": Cuckservatives are Leftist doormats.

Gelertner, with a little Reynolds at the end:
The Conservative ‘Resistance’ Is Futile
The right has never made one significant move against the liberal culture machine.

So now we have Trump instead, who tells people to punch counterprotesters instead of picking up their trash.

When politeness and orderliness are met with contempt and betrayal, do not be surprised if the response is something less polite, and less orderly. Brooks closes his Trump column with Psalm 73, but a more appropriate verse is Hosea 8:7 “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Trump’s ascendance is a symptom of a colossal failure among America’s political leaders, of which Brooks’ mean-spirited insularity is only a tiny part. God help us all.

But if you don’t like Trump, you really won’t like what comes after Trump, if the “resistance” succeeds. Luckily for Trump, the resistance seems mostly to be a bunch of self-important clowns and Antifa thugs.
If CNN is the "Resistance", then 4Chan will reduce them to sobbing cucks without an audience. Even more layoffs are foreseen.

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