Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Calexit: Vote Early and Often!

...surely you have hundreds of dead relatives who would want this!
California secession campaign can start gathering signatures
All the illegals with driver's licenses will be voting too, although no ID is necessary because raaaaacism. But the Disney characters deserve their votes, too, so sign/get back in line/repeat. It's pretty sure that all of Arizona and Utah will sign up, not to mention Texas. We're ALL CALIFORNIANS NOW! But only until California splits off into fiscal wild blue yonder. And when it goes, it will take its share of the national debt, have an all transgender military to defend its borders from defectors, and HuffPo will be its "Pravda".

And to sweeten the pot, we'll throw in NYC, Boston, Baltimore and the city of DC (we'll airlift supplies into Capital Hill and the White House) Chicago, Detroit, and North Wisconsin (can't have multi-culti without a good supply of Somalis).

And don't bother asking for loans, or military protection from the North Koreans, or gun manufacturers to move back in again. We're done with you. Adios.

And another thing: we'll ban all Hollywood films. Well, unless it's Fast and Furious or Clint Eastwood (Clint: get outta there, hurry!)

And another thing: we're keeping our Colorado River water.

California: North America's Gaza Strip...

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