Sunday, July 23, 2017

Democrats Woo The Deplorables, While Republicans Fiddle

Trying to steal Trump's success with the Othered Class, the Donks change their tune from Hate the Deplorables to Victimhood of the Flyovers:
Dems want to rebrand as the economic party

An opening theme/frame: "excessive corporate power and its impacts."
Always Marxist, always starting with identifying and targeting an Oppressor Class to Hate.
The agenda's big idea: "Too many families in America today feel that the rules of the economy are rigged against them. Special interests have a strangle-hold on Washington — from the super-rich spending unlimited amounts of secret money to influence our elections, to the huge loopholes in our tax code that help corporations avoid paying taxes."

"If the government goes back to putting working families first, ahead of special interests, we can achieve a better deal for the American people that will raise their pay, lower their expenses, and prepare them for the future."
They discovered this late, maybe too late. The deplorables know bait when they see it. And the HATE THE OPPRESSOR meme is wearing thin with those whose values have been under the Leftist bus and declared the Oppressor Class by the hate-the-whites/males/cis-straights who run the Donk Party.

The anti-everything antics of the Donks since the election of their Destructor has made it clear that there is neither honesty nor honor amongst the Left. Whether that will be remembered by the ignoranti next election cycle remains unclear; meanwhile, the Republicans continue to prove that they can't even repeal the hated ObamaCare, given control of both houses and the presidency. The Republican incompetence might well lead to the next installation of Marxists into Congress.

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Steven Satak said...

"If the government goes back to putting working families first, ahead of special interests..."

But the point is, government NEVER put working families first. Government ITSELF is a special interest, and has already demonstrated beyond a doubt that both sides of the aisle are interested only in increasing their own power.

What has been demonstrated in the past eight months is that government as it is, is not the slightest bit interested in repealing Obamacare. They have nothing to replace it, despite seven years of opportunity. They either cannot or will not overcome internal schism to agree on any lasting change that is meaningful to the man in the street.