Friday, July 14, 2017

Pre-Frontal Attack?

After WWI, the French built a very long series of fortified bunkers and mounds near the German border in response to the trench warfare that had been so devastating. They had created what was the essence of a huge trench defense which was hundreds of miles long. This major defensive structure was called the Maginot Line, and it was expected to protect France from German invasion.

The Germans did invade, in what became WWII. But they did not attack this French structure head-on. The Germans came at the defenses from the side, starting from near Belgium, and wiped out the Maginot line easily.

Today the culture-driving entities are entrenched. Universities, government, education and much of "big" business are completely controlled by the communist dogs of the Left. There is free speech only for Leftists in the universities, more intrusive regulation from the government, more maleducation from the government-driven education establishment, and Leftist billionaire psychos who got filthy rich from a single program who now control social media and on-line speech with Leftist exclusionary codes. There is tolerance only for themselves; free speech only for themselves; inclusion based on skin color and exclusion based on ideology. Their behavior is totalitarian while pleading anti-fascism (the biggest indicator of ignorance and inverted mentalities of those who think only with their "feelz", and get their information from CNN/NPR). The Leftist path to destruction of all which they hate is well underway.

But those elitist class structures are all vulnerable, like the Maginot Line, from the side.

A great example is the Leftist University of Missouri, which has decreased enrollment in the double digits, and significantly decreased funding from alumni. The government is being re-built from the top-down. Education, at least public education, will likely be rebuilt both top-down and by self-strangulation. Entire Leftist cities will fall further into financial calamity; several have already lost their ability to borrow due to their leftist-drive to use other people's money on Leftist promises which cannot self-sustain. There are now alternative choices for internet structures, such as duckduckgo for honest search, and infogalactic for honest encyclopedic information.

The one aspect of the Leftist hegemony that will not (easily) be defeated is the mind-set in the individual Leftist: the Leftist cannot release the arrogance, the self-derived superiority and deeply held elitist self-image. People who depend on their class to give themselves "meaning" will not have the ability to release their self-indulgence in the face of becoming average, ordinary humans: members of the wrong class. It will require either massive help for these narcissists, or force to deny them power over others.

Until the Left gives up (or is forceably restrained from) Class War and its status as "saviors", "messiahs" of their perpetually designated Victimhood Classes (usually also themselves), there will be no peace.

So the real question is just this: what must be done to regain a sane society, one which is inhabited by those who leave each other alone, except to help when asked?

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JohnnyDoe2 said...

Stupid French are still just as dumb today. They had a chance to elect someone who gets what's going on. Instead they picked an almost millennial idealist with silly ideas of multiculturalism