Thursday, July 13, 2017

Shock! Dismay!

As Government Funding of Sex Education Is Cut, Teen Pregnancy Rates ... Drop?
The Left will feign being shocked, scandalized and will deny, deny, deny. Yet a decrease in teen rates is not, and was never, the objective of Leftist sexual liberation education, and "all sex is legitimate and exists on a spectrum of legitimacy. The delegitimization of sexual responsibility, aka "keeping it in your pants", has always been their mantra, at least since the 1960's - so that's at least half a century. What the Left always supports is the killing of the results of free sex, anywhere along the spectrum: the progeny which is naturally generated. Abortion is wonderful, to hear the Left tell it... as they drum up business for their preserved "baby parts".

It will be interesting to see if the teen dash to have their "gender" changed in order to rebel even beyond the level of homosexual, will decrease. Teachers normalizing all the mental disorders and perversions as legitimate will not be funded, it appears. In its absence common sense might arise from the ashes.

Go, teens! Make us proud...

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