Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Western Anti-Western Disease

It is the Left's Top Mantra today: Constitutionalists are White Nationalists; believing in the exceptionalism of western culture is racist, and that is to be expected of the Deplorable Oppressor Class, which is to be hated by definition.

Hate is the product being sold. Anti-westernism is merely the tactic du jour. It focuses racially on whites.
Yes, They Really Do Despise Their Civilization
The rational problem is this: the vaunted multiculturalism hypothetically eradicates all individual "civilizations" in order to equate all sub-cultures as equally valid. It takes very little mental acuity to realize that that barbarism is thus equated to peaceful cultures, and that peaceful cultures are restricted from defending their own civilization from the (valid) barbarians. The obvious result of that philosophy, if fully implemented, is hegemony of barbarism.

To the Left, that is a feature which is fully desirable. Under Cloward/Piven and the Gramscian March, the destruction of the specific culture/civilization of the west is the stated objective. That is, of course, feasible. However, the consequential delusion is that the Left expects to rise from the ashes of the destruction as the controllers of the globe, able to enforce total equality on the Victimhood Class, after the eradication of the Oppressor Class (which believes in constitutional law, and abjures the racism and class war of the Left).

The Left cannot rise to power without a superior force of genocidal, rapine, mass murderers. This has proven true in every Leftist political adventure, over the past 10 decades.

So far, the western ideological Left has only its KKK replacement, antifa, which is mostly skinny white kids who destroy stuff only when the police stand by idly and there are no oppositionals to scare them off. Where the Left will acquire a serious force is yet to be determined. Obama fired all generals who wanted to protect civilization, and replaced them with culture warriors who foisted "social justice" programs onto the armed services. But those services still are not Leftist in their souls; they still march in service of their western civilization.

But more likely is the continuation of the path of barbarism which has been enabled into the heart of the peaceful civilizations. And those civilizations are so disabled by Leftism and the multi-culti fable that they cannot restrict or control the barbarian culture, which grows and does not assimilate, but coagulates into no-go zones which are no longer part of the civilization which enabled them. The maintenance of the barbarian cultures, in the face of the denials of the Leftist politicians, grow and grow, and despise the culture of the Leftist politicians. What do the Leftist politicians expect to result from this? They still expect to obtain total Leftist hegemony, a delusion on the order of mental incapacity due to cortex malfunction and disorder.

The near future, then, seems to hold lots more violence, but of a localized nature, of the sort that Obama thought that the nation could absorb, and which Europe fights with flowers and blather. Whether this escalates depends on answering this question: how do we fight Leftist hegemony tending toward radical barbarism if we don't fight?

If Leftists don't relent, then "fight we must".

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Steven Satak said...

Do you know? I used to keep my old Soviet battle rifles in their gun cases, the ammunition in a locked box. Nice 'n' safe.

Then I read something in a Louis L'amour novel, where a character noted that 'all guns should be treated as if loaded. A gun is a tool and no gun should be empty. An unloaded gun is like a shovel without a handle.' Once upon a time, I thought this an nice, antiquated custom that was appropriate to the Wild West of the 1860s-1880s.

Then as the years passed, I gradually realized that nothing had really changed. Guns hadn't, people hadn't, and while we don't settle our differences with guns in the street anymore, it's not hard to see that some people might push us to that point.

Specifically, bad people who inexplicable hate their own country and culture, hate anything that is not simply themselves, and who would do anything - take my things, hurt my family or friends, put me in jail, even kill me - to destroy it all.

And of course, being a self-appointed moral and intellectual elite that is partially living in a 'will-to-power' fantasy world, they (the Left) think they are somehow exempt from the destruction. They are feeding their egos now, but later on they will not be satisfied with merely making us squeal. At some point, they will tip their hand with firearms - the threat of immediate death - to back it up. They worship power - that is, in their fantasy world, themselves.

Or maybe they won't get that far.

The qualities required of an accurate marksman do not often coincide with a life lived in fantasy. Witness the fellow who tried to shoot all those Republicans. Nevertheless, as L'Amour noted, 'not all the people with guns can be bad men. Some good men must wear guns, too, so that the rights of the average citizen do not vanish.' One hopes the good men are now the police, but how many of these have followed their instructions and stood by watching these 'antifa' thugs go to work?

Returning to my original anecdote... I went out to the garage and loaded both my rifles; I don't keep a round in the chamber, but these weapons permit four rounds in the magazine. Cycle the bolt and you're ready. The rest of the spare space in those hard-shell gun cases? Is taken up by 40 rounds of 7.62x54R ammo.

It took a while for the idea to set in, but at least now my shovels have handles.