Saturday, July 8, 2017

How Do the Democrats/Left Understand Civilization?

The terminology, "Left", "Leftism", came from the French Revolution. To cut it to one sentence, the Left Class seized political control and executed at least 17,000 of its enemies, who were eradicated as a class.

Class War has continued without abatement as the main feature of Leftism, especially vicious and bloody in Asia, Russia and Cuba. In the USA, the Democrat party was created specifically to protect the slave owner's right to own the class of blacks who were slaves. The secession of "slave states" became inevitable as the Republican north states tended toward anti-slavery and honored "freemen" who escaped slavery. The violence of the Civil War was epic; over half a million men were killed. Over Democrat slavery (disguised as State's Rights).

In the ensuing years after the Democrat Civil War defeat in 1865, the KKK and Jim Crow segregation laws were implemented by the Democrats specifically to oppress blacks. Lynching of blacks by the democrat enforcement arm, the Ku Kux Klan, were common. And that continued for almost exactly 100 years. Interference in the oppression of blacks resulted in the killing of "freedom riders" from outside the "Solid Democrat South".

In 1964, the Republicans enacted the final Civil Rights Act. Almost all Democrats voted against it, as they had in previous civil rights acts, even under Truman. Lyndon Johnson took an alternate route: he would ghettoize blacks with government stipends, thus keeping blacks under economic control, AND guaranteeing their allegiance to Democrats who suddenly had become their benefactors after nearly two centuries of violent oppression.

The Democrats have always viewed civilization through the lens of class, starting with race. They took interest in the working class for a while, but abandoned them when the amorphous classes of environment, gaia, and capitalist oppression became camp, starting in the 1950's (Rachael Carson). The Marxist system took hold of Democrats in the 1960's (or before) as Democrats officially "classified" groups of humans into Victimhood and Oppressor Classes, making themselves the Messiah Class (conferring moral authority upon themselves).

This became the Democrat "Big Tent", within which Messiahs and various Victimhood minority classes could gather to discuss class war. Women qualified first, with abortion (the program of Margaret Sanger, class warrior) implemented via the court system, and Title IX types of regulation.

Then Christianity fell at the hands of Madelyn Murray O'Hair and the courts, thus declaring a-theist secularism as the religion of the government in all aspects, down to schools and local municipalities. The Democrats, always inventing their own morality, now became Post-Christian

This was followed by the gay rights movement, with tactics for normalization specifically defined in the book, "After the Ball", and homosexuality was quickly removed from disorder status and given normalized status. All under the principles of Alfred Kinsey (The Kinsey Reports: Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,(1948, reprinted 1998); Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953, reprinted 1998)),, who defined all sex acts as existing on a continuum, a spectrum of normality (in which he gleefully indulged).

Then came the transsexual Victimhood movement, and with no visible victims left to save (other than Gaia), the Democrats turned their attention onto the evil white western culture. "Whites must shut up", and "no whites allowed in party management"; those refrains were the mottoes of the Democrat Party hierarchy just recently, and maleducated college students, commonly led by Leftist professors, became violent against whites, but also wheelchair disabled, women and blacks who were not Democrats.

Blacks as a Victimhood class, however, became marginalized and taken for granted by the Democrats, and "Black Lives Matter" formed as a sort of self-defense, not in reference to the incredibly high murder of blacks by blacks, but in the incredibly low death rate of blacks at the hands of arresting officers, both white and black. Police have become targets, murdered just for being police. Some black ghettos are no-go zones, even declared such in Baltimore by city officials. The racial theory now is that black culture is valid and cannot be forced to bend to white rules and regulations, and therefore, to require blacks to obey white rules is racist. Hence, whatever blacks do is automatically culturally correct, laws notwithstanding. Whites have long since abandoned such black culture regions in what is called "White Flight". Atty General Eric Holder and Pres. Obama tried to "remedy" this situation by requiring specific, numerical, racial ratios to be met in neighborhoods with insufficient blacks. They moved blacks into neighborhoods requiring "more black presence". Again white flight ensued as local violence came along for the ride and new "black culture" ghettos formed.

So the USA has two forms of Democrat-created no-go zones: Muslim, and black. Currently the Muslims have the top priority in the Leftist Victimhood Class Hierarchy, and women have the lowest tier, with blacks almost having no remaining priority at all. Homosexuals are now sacrificeable to the Muslim hatred of homosexuality, because Muslims have top Victimhood priority, whereas homosexuals are normalized and have lost their priority as victims.

Some Victimhood Classes reject other Victimhood Classes. Lesbian-driven, white "feminists" reject transwomen and to some extent devalue black lesbians. Latino minorities do not necessarily get along with blacks. Asians are denied minority Victimhood status, period, and are rejected by all Victimhood Classes as well as the Messiah Class. Asians are discriminated against in many USA university enrollment acceptances. The class system becomes both complex and internally contradictory.

The point is this: Democrats cannot understand a classless society in which individual choice determines individual destinies, without reference to superficial classes. And while this is what they profess to want, it cannot happen simultaneously with the demand for absolute equalitarianism. So a classless society, in the minds of the Left, is reductive: everyone must be and have equally with the least. All must equal the slowest, the least competent, the least intelligent, the least motivated. No nail must stick up. Thus Democrats - now purely and entirely Leftist - understand only the Marxist Class interpretation of humanity and human societies. Equality of the Marxist type is to be forced; it cannot be created peacefully.

And so Marxism always, always leads to bloodshed, and ultimately mass killings under Marxist Messiah-tyrants who are installing utopia. Always.

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