Sunday, July 9, 2017

When Cultures Go STUPID

MAN HAS BABY British man, 21, makes history by giving birth to baby girl thanks to sperm donor he found on Facebook

Hayden Cross gave birth to baby Trinity-Leigh by caesarean in mid-June
This person is NOT a man. This person never was a man, and never will be a man. Men are not born with vaginas; men are born with testes, penises, and masculine hormone potentials. This person will never have the masculine capability for producing sperm, having a spontaneous erection/ejaculation, producing natural hormones which are endemic to males. This person will be pumped full of chemicals contrary to her natural gender, and will be always dependent upon her next shots in order to maintain her false persona.

This person is an ongoing medical fraud which attempts to maintain the deception that she is male... purely to match a disorder in her brain. Now that we have some history on this type of medical fraud, we know that her chances of suicide have risen exponentially. And now she has involved - through her own female pregnancy - an innocent child, who is to be victimized by this irrationality.

Most egregious is the culture which demands and receives the news that a "male" has delivered a baby. A culture which accepts this deception is irrational and is susceptible to virtually any nonsense as Truth.

Intellectual existence is purely binary: the narrow path to true understanding is the polar opposite of the broad plain of falseness. The narrow path is harder. Too hard, it appears, for modern culture and its news parrots.

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JohnnyDoe said...

So leftists redefine the moon as the sun then ooh and aah over the sun (“For the first time in history!”) rising at midnight! Then for an encore they redefine summer as winter and raise alarms bells about how, thanks to global warming, this year’s “winter” was the hottest on record by far.

Don’t like the fact that midgets are height-challenged? Just redefine “tall”. Don’t like the fact that inner city kids can’t pass a college entrance exam? Redefine “intelligence”. Don’t like the fact that your bouncing baby “boy” has a vayjay? Redefine “genitalia”.

And all the while push narrative about how these massive, blatant leftist equivocations tell us anything beyond the fact that leftists are complete and utter morons.

Not to mention that since transgendered people, so we’re told, have always existed, then “men” have been giving birth for tens of thousands of years, so this “guy” is hardly the first.