Sunday, July 9, 2017

Why Trump Was Elected

GREAT AGAIN: Trump refuses to wear G20 pin — opts for American flag
The symbolism makes this gesture historically great. And for those who don't get it, I don't believe I can explain it on that level.


John2 said...

Financial Times analysis of that same G20:

Funny, they don't see to care about that pin...

Stan said...

I already said that the Left won't comprehend the significance. "Some" did refer to it as the G19+1; surely you read that part, but I'm sure that it has no significance for you either. And Larry Summers titled his piece, "Donald Trump's alarming G20 performance", also no significance there either, eh? Nah. 'Course not.

That's OK, no worries. Trump is tromping onward.

John2 said...

So now even the Financial Times is biased?

John2 said...

More every week, or even every other day...

Should we still ignore the Russia scandal?

Stan said...

Let's see. Did he give classified information to the Russian government? No? Then where is the treason? Which law did he violate, making the meeting "high crimes and misdemeanors"? None? Exactly what betrayal occurred? And what about the dirty trick aspect, with the Russian attorney connected to Hillary more closely than to the Kremlin?

Despite the blather from the Leftist Democrat MSM, there has been no crime reported, leaked or otherwise. A year of investigation, and NO crime. My, my.

The FBI and CIA have committed treason serially, by "leaking" classified information into the infosphere. Where's the outrage?

Oh yes. Treason is not the issue. Smearing Trump with innuendo is the issue. The Left will come out looking like buffoons, which they will blame on Trump. The Left now has no power at all. Only shrieking absurdly and making value-free accusations.

As for the Financial Times, you still don't understand what they said. They are merely reporting the continuing MAGA process, as Trump marginalizes the entire G19. What a WIN.

Stan said...

This is beautiful: the Lefties at Bloomberg invoke "ethics" as if they understand the term. And as if it applies. And as if politics EVER consults ethicists. HAR!

"Social media indicates that there are some people out there still trying to defend the Trump camp's relationship with Russia, so it bears spelling out why this is, as the ethicists and public relations pros say, "not OK.""

HAR! The Left and ethics! First, the Left has no ethical qualm regarding their own behavior: Ethics is applicable to the Other Class, only. Second, that's all they've got even at this point, even though there is not even an ethical lapse involved, much less a crime.

And they invoke ethics against Trump but never the admitted election cheating of the DNC/Hillary, including the foreign connection of the Ukraine, the sale to Russia of 1/3 of the American uranium in return for Russian contribution to the Clinton slush fund and other Russian connections... all while a cabinet level US government official. The Left and ethics! HAR!

If there are election crimes, they are contained on the Podesta computer, which even the FBI and CIA don't have the stones to grab away for examination.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is like a brain eating bacteria, only it works faster, deeper, and longer.

((Leftist ethics! Hee hee hee HEEEEEE!))

Stan said...


"While the liberal news media hunts for evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, the public record shows that Democrats have willfully used Moscow disinformation to influence the presidential election against Donald Trump and attack his administration.

The disinformation came in the form of a Russian-fed dossier written by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. It contains a series of unverified criminal charges against Mr. Trump’s campaign aides, such as coordinating Moscow’s hacking of Democratic Party computers.

Some Democrats have widely circulated the discredited information. Mr. Steele was paid by the Democrat-funded opposition research firm Fusion GPS with money from a Hillary Clinton backer. Fusion GPS distributed the dossier among Democrats and journalists. The information fell into the hands of the FBI, which used it in part to investigate Mr. Trump’s campaign aides.

Mr. Steele makes clear that his unproven charges came almost exclusively from sources linked to the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin. He identified his sources as “a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure,” a former “top level Russian intelligence officer active inside the Kremlin,” a “senior Kremlin official” and a “senior Russian government official.”

The same Democrats who have condemned Russia’s election interference via plying fake news and hacking email servers have quoted freely from the Steele anti-Trump memos derived from creatures of the Kremlin.

In other words, there is public evidence of significant, indirect collusion between Democrats and Russian disinformation, a Trump supporter said."

Leftist Ethics: HARharharharhar! Snort! (wipes tears from eyes)... HARharharharhar....

John2 said...

"Har! Har!" Regarding The Financial Times and Business Insider?? What are you a 12 year pirate fan? I thought your tag line says ex Atheist after 40 years...
And yes, Democrats are just as bad, so what? They lost! The issue is that our current POTUS is incompetent and possibly corrupted by a foreign power. FFS how can you not find Trump Jr's emails to be evidence of collusion!?

I am not a Leftist nor Atheist btw, and I thought a blog on Atheism would actually include assessment of the many idiots in the so-called skeptics community who are pro Trump. You're like them after all!!

Stan said...

Actually, this blog and I are pro-truth. Speaking to someone does not prove collusion. When (if) there is found to exist actual proof which proves that the Russians used the Trump campaign to interfere in the election - which even the Leftocrats deny happened - then the concept of collusion as a crime will be investigated. Actually collusion is not a crime, and even the MSM admits that. But, it is "NOT ETHICAL".

Here's what a rigorous investigation would involve: finding information that the Trump campaign used against Hillary which could have come ONLY from the Russians. What part of the Trump campaign was based on Russian-only information? None of it.

The information damaging Hillary came from two sources: the FBI and Wikileaks. Not the Russians.

No. Speaking to a Russian is not illegal and is not a crime. And even if the Russians had publicly presented information gained through spying on Hillary, and the Trump campaign used that information, it is not a crime.

Bottom line. Hillary provided all the information against herself that the public needed in order to vote her out. Supplementary information was from the FBI, primarily, which is why the Left initially wanted Comey's scalp... until Trump actually fired him. Then Comey became the Left's hero.

This farce is all that the Left has; they won't relent despite having no crime to actually pursue.

John2 said...

You keep saying The Left, Hillary, Elections, but it has little to do with that! The point is that the POTUS and his close associates may be compromised by the Russian oligarchy. I don't think the American people is stupid enough to have been swayed by some info Russians may have on Hillary, but I am worried our president might act against the best interest of the USA.

Why aren't you worried about that? Can't you see all his connections with Russia? Then people who had to step down? Firing Comey while an investigation is going on? Placing oligarchs inside his own cabinets?

Blaming the Left is a distraction. They are dumb, most of them at least, but not trying to make billions out of holding thr White House, because they lost it!!

JohnnyDoe2 said...

Leftists don't know what truth is!!

Stan said...

Odd, no one investigated the POTUS when he said on a hot mic, "I'll be more flexible after the election"... directly to a Russian Government Official.

But for that POTUS, no possible corruption could exist, because that POTUS was a)black and therefore unassailable (racism, you know); b) Extremely Leftist and globalist-antiAmerican, who once said "my only moral failure is when I fail to meet my own expectations". Under those conditions, all ethics and morality cease to exist.

But ethics and morality certainly arise immediately for the following POTUS - not black, not globalist, Christian who supports Israel, respects the governing law of the US: the Constitution.

Now, it is not illegal for any American citizen to speak to foreigners, including Russians. It is not illegal to seek actual information regarding your political opponent.

It is illegal to put Top Secret information onto private servers. It is illegal to accept $$$ into a personal slush fund when allowing the donor access to government contracts. It is illegal to start wars without Congressional approval. It is immoral to destroy a country and leave it to barbarian murderers.

So let's talk about a 30 minute meeting which was falsely advertised as providing information which was not provided. Was government Top Secret information jeopardized? No. Were bribes made for government access? No. Were millions of people jeopardized by the invasion of a non-threatening country? No. Just how that fits into the Leftist hierarchy of outrage is just this: Was it a Trump? then MAXIMUM OUTRAGE.

The lack of outrage for St Hillaries criminal acts vs. the screaming outrage for the benign but stupid meeting of Trump Jr. indicates the total lack of grounded, valid morality of any sort, in the entire Leftosphere.

With zero grounded, consistent and coherent moral principles, the Left is, by any actual moral standard is EVIL - to the core, the very corpuscle, mitochondrial molecule.

So, when you get some actual incorrigible evidence of betrayal of the USA, please share it and we'll talk. But shadows and will o' the wisps do not make for actual evidence, regardless of how much the Left claims otherwise.

Stan said...

The Left deals in falseness: Fear, Hate, Denigration.

Perhaps that was hard to discern when they were in power, both government and MSM.

Now, however, they have been stripped to their very core for all to see. They openly and viscerally reject a legally elected president (anti-democracy). They openly wish for the violent death of the legally elected president. They encourage the Leftist storm troops and blame the Trump supporters for the violence visited upon themselves. The shooting of Scalise was openly supported by many Leftists.

The Left is shameless. That is because they have no morals to which they hold themselves, so they cannot violate any moral principle and thus there can exist no shame. No morals, no shame; apostles of Alinsky, (and Alinsky's allegiance to Satan), Nietzsche, Marx, clear back to de Sade.

The cultural split in the west is purely and totally caused by the Left moving ever-more Radical, normalizing outlandish Radical notions of Class War, designating an enemies list which encompasses half the population - the Oppressor Class/Deplorables/Othered Class.

The cultural split is totally Marxist, Revolutionary, violent, self-serving pretending to protect the Victimhood Classes which they abandon as quickly as new, conflicting Victimhood classes are identified. Muslims outrank homosexuals and women. Whites are enemies.

The Left has killed some 200,000,000 people in the last ten decades. But that is not a moral failure for today's Leftist: it is a tactic, under Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

So should we now discuss how the Right defeated the Leftist slavery of blacks? Freed blacks from Leftist Jim Crow Laws? Marginalized the Leftist KKK? Want to do that? I didn't think so.

That is purely evil,

JohnnyDoe2 said...

So it's all about identity politics with you? Thr Left, Democrats, Obama, Hillary, Blacks, Gays, KKK, Muslims...


I knew some Trumpists were blind to anything their dear leader does but you sir are next level delusional...

Stan said...

IIRC you have been invited to present actual evidence of a crime, any any real crime, any crime at all, which is an impeachable offense. You have not done so. All you have done is to complain about the non-criminal events as if they actually were criminal. That is delusion.

Until you have actual facts regarding crimes (not Hillary's actual crimes, of course) committed by anyone in the Trump campaign, you are just blathering without content. Zero content.

JohnnyDoe2 said...

Oh so now it's OK to have Trump, gis family, and his team, collude with Russia because it's not illegal!? Are you joking ? This is insanity... It used to be about Trump having nothing to do with Russia, now you don't care that this was proven false, because it's legal!? Let me repeat: RUSSIA HELPED TRUMP GET ELECTED. How is that not worrying!?

Follow what Smith has to say, it's lies after lies after lies from the Trump team. It's insanity, Trumpist are now fine with RUSSIA COLLUDING WITH TRUMP.

Stan said...

Prove collusion. Prove that the Russians undermined Hillary by any means. Prove your loose, unfounded accusations using actual unequivocal evidence that Russian officials either attacked Hillary directly, OR attacked the election process itself directly, OR provided specific evidence which Trump used in some specific manner which YOU will tell us the specifics of. Whining about "collusion" is an empty charge. EMPTY. Either a crime was committed or was not committed.

Trump didn't even need anyone's help. Hillary is a crook (her slush fund received $145,000,000 from the Russians when she made the government decision to sell them - the enemy - ONE THIRD of the US uranium supply; there's the visible, palpable crime, in which Comey is also a partner. Trump called her Crooked Hillary. She is a crook and the voters with a brain voted her OUT.

Trump didn't need and didn't have any need for other information which he needed against Hillary. She and Comey and Wikileaks did it for the American citizen to see.

Half the population voted for Hillary DESPITE her criminal acts; pursuing Leftism is more important to them than morals. And now they feign morality, as if they ever had it themselves. The Left is disgusting.

John2 said...

Did you not follow anything over the last few week, months?? There is nothing obviously criminal, yet. That's the point of investigations! The Trump Jr.'s emails scandal being thr latest smoke for some hard-to-deny fire that Trump and his acolytes want to hide.

Yes, the Left is disgusting, but so are the Trumpists who put their head in the sand. MAGA was never Trump's intentions if he prefers to collude with Russia, supposedly for his own intetest. He refused to put his money in a blind trust and now his children, who were supposed to be independently running the company, are involved AND clearly in touch with Russia, while trying to hide thise ties.

I trust the institutions, the department of Justice, the FBI, the court system. They care about our country and constitution, unlike Trump.


Stan said...

So let's see.

Comey said in his congressional hearing that he did not feel pressured by Trump.

Trump fired the very person who Hillary claimed was responsible for her defeat.

Trump demanded an independent counsel, and got Comey's best friend.

Trump hired an FBI director who is not a friend of Trump.

Therefore, Trump colluded with Russia, not because of evidence but because it's obvious to Trump-derangement-disorder mental victims.

Sorry. No evidence. Read Snope's analysis of the Left's attack on Trump, then come back and defend all the no-evidence lies being spread, OK? But bring evidence or just shut up and go away.

BTW, you didn't even read the entire article, so you don't know that your claim of NO HILLARY is false. The new director has promised yet another Hillary investigation, this time into COLLUSION with Ukranians. Well then, by your logic she is GUILTY because there is an investigation by the FBI - actually many Hillary investigations by the FBI.

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