Thursday, August 17, 2017

"Bolshevik Ethnic Cleansing"?

One of the terms I heard in watching a few of the many, many videos of the Charlottesville confrontation was "Bolshevik ethnic cleansing". In terms of today's Marxist identity warfare, the hated Other is both ideologically and racially, as well as somewhat gender oriented. Within these arenas, Class War has been declared and Leftist violence legitimized.

Professors have started publishing papers regarding the elimination of toxic masculinity. Some universities have courses on eradicating whiteness. There are many white Leftists who now advocate the eradication of whites from political positions, primarily in Democrat politics where the purge is obvious.

The Charlottesville melee resulted in hordes of politicians and business leaders excoriating Trump, who pointed out that the violence was from both sides. While this is partially a continuation of the hysterical war on Trump, it is also a validation of the "moral violence" promoted by the Left.

"Moral violence" is probably the most virulent type in that it is fully justified by an ideology, and required even necessary in order to save the ideology from the hated Other.

The hated Other Class - the designated Oppressors - are now defined as those outside the Messiah/Victimhood Classes: Whites. Whites who stand against this are defined as "White Supremacists", in order to attribute racism and aggression to the class. (Last year whites were the Deplorables).

It is a short step in most countries from the isolation of the Oppressor Class, to the eradication of the Oppressor Class.

Under Obama this attack was covert, disguised as "equalization" of neighborhood demographics and IRS weaponization against the Other, amongst other programs such as not prosecuting the black panthers, arousing racial frenzy in city issues, forcing campus rape accusations to have the weight of conviction, and many other less obvious programs.

Since the Left lost to Trump, the Soros-funded false-fronts have given free rein to the violence, inluding BLM and Antifa and through the organization called By Any Means Necessary. Now the political and business structure has endorsed the violence of the Black Shirts.

Toward what end? Is it not ethnic cleansing to endorse violence against those who are political "enemies"? Violence endorsed by the "moral" elites? Violence directed specifically at silencing any and all opposition?

Of course it is. Even the ACLU acknowledges that.

Leftist political ethnic violence is now fully endorsed; we'll see where it heads, and what resistance it meets.

The American Left has always been violent. From slavery to the Civil War including the killing of Lincoln; to Segregation, the KKK and Jim Crow; to the establishment of Leftist ghetto plantations; and now the Marxist identity war from which no one escapes, and which Antifa brings to the streets.

The Left is irrational, as in insane. And viciously violently insane.

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Steven Satak said...

And as I pointed out to my son, when they get that crazy to acquire power over me and mine, that's when they become zombies.

And there's only one way to deal with zombies.