Thursday, August 17, 2017

Van Jones Weeps Because...

...Trump blamed BOTH sides for the Charlottesville clash. If you thought maybe the MSM might not be insanely Marxist, then this week should disabuse you of that notion. There is no relationship between what Trump says and what the MSM reports. None. Are they all insane? Or merely evil Marxists?

Even the ACLU is being attacked for its defense of free speech.

Obviously the Antifa Black Shirts are a protected military arm of the Left; one does not blame Antifa Black Shirts for anything no matter how illegal, how violent, how egregious their attacks might be.

The Left is openly justifying violence against their designated Class of Oppressors. Directly contrary to facts, the Left has taken this opportunity to open the door to bloody conflict in the name of their own perverted "morality" - false morality, false facts, justified bloodshed, all in the name of Progressive Love and Utopia.

This is nothing new. It is Maoism/Leninism right here in the USA.

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