Sunday, August 6, 2017

Fake Science News

From Harvard:
Extreme-weather Evolution
From Gizmodo:
A Single Winter Storm Forced These Lizards to Start Evolving Practically Overnight
The lizards added no new features and no DNA change. The cold weather snap (egregiously attributed to AGW) caused the reduction of variability in the population of lizards when only those with cold tolerance survived, and those without cold tolerance did not. This is not evolution under any definition of the process, which is defined at a minimum as random (undirected) mutation of novel and useful systemic/organic features; natural selection favoring organisms having the novel and useful features.

The partial lizard eradication involved neither mutation (advertised to be in response to an environmental event) nor selection of novel features.

Interestingly, the weather event is not unique to the area. And there are previously existing populations of the species which already have had the cold-intolerant individuals removed, and the variability reduced.

So this "news" is fake.

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