Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How Things Are Going For Trump

From my perspective, very well.

1. The Fort Sumter moment is in sight; the rebels have declared sanctuary cities as the trigger. If Trump takes them up and arrests, say, Jerry Brown, then the war becomes an honest artifact of current American History.

2. The Democrats are afflicted with the huge treason/blackmail scandal involving dozens of Democrat Representatives, all of whom enabled the foreign access of their data and emails by the Awan clan (Iraqis). Debbie Wasserman Schultz apparently is "in the wind" since the arrest of Awan as he tried to leave the country. If Awan is blackmailing Congressmen or delivering government secrets or even DNC secrets to foreign powers, he and Debbie are in trouble.

The phony Trump-Russia collusion nothing-burger will evaporate soon.

3. Hillary cannot survive an honest inquiry. This alone will illustrate for the world to see whether the FBI is fully Clintonian, or it is fundamentally American. If she doesn't pay with jail time, then the FBI is corrupted irreparably.

4. Whispers of an upper level, Deep State coup to remove Trump show the desperation of the Left. If Trump continues to dismantle the Deep State (a move called "chaos" by the MSM) the Left will lose all inhibition and possibly try the violence which they advocate daily against Trump. Trump has found a military ally, and made him in charge of "all staff", while releasing questionable individuals back into the swamp.

5. Trump has taken the first step to control Congress by threatening to remove their own insurance (cushy) if they don't fix healthcare. my own preference would be to take the next step: sign no other bills into law until healthcare is fixed AND keep Congress in session continuously until he gets the legislation he needs (for the wall, and illegal immigration, as examples). He has the ability to shut down Congress by the action of not signing any bill whatsoever, including porkers.

6. The conflict with the NORKs and Russia will either make or break his march to greatness.

My assessment is that things are going well, with plenty of opportunity to deal with the corruptocrats and the psychos with nukes. He can win this. The reports of his demise are premature.


Steven Satak said...

I do not seem to be able to access that link, Stan. Could you clarify the address or put it somewhere that does not have access restricted?

Thank you for posting this. It clarifies a lot that has been going on. I still get the feeling Hillary and Podesta are going to walk, but bigger things are in the offing, and there are many, many more snowflake tears to drink.

Stan said...

I think it's fixed. It's a youtube video about Debbie's meltdown and in hiding.