Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Won't Give Wal*Mart Any Business If I Can Help It

Walmart's Doug McMillon lectures Trump about "White Supremacists". Not BLM. Not Antifa. Not Marxist culture warriors calling for genocide of whites. Walmart's Doug is taking offense at whites who were attacked by Antifa. Walmart has gone arrogantly Leftist, blaming whites for the Antifa/BLM violence.

Walmart seems to think that it will not lose customers, just as Target thought. Walmart has lost me. Amazon has everything I need, possibly including groceries except maybe perishables. Dollar stores are popping up like convenience stores. There are sufficient local groceries.

Walmart's racism against whites is fully in line with the Democrat's position on eliminating whites from politics, at least in the party of Donks. The morality of anti-white racism is spreading like wildfire. Whites will take the blame for Antifa's violence, BLM murders, and all sorts of reversed logic assaults on the USA. Walmart and Google: two of a kind, different markets, same arrogant bullshit.

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