Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Establishment Draws Its Line

The Marxist culture war has now produced the enemy which the (nearly, if not totally) entire establishment political structure can join in hating: white "supremacists". The Marxists have been successful in Charlottesville by the tactic of attracting the entire spectrum of the population which wishes to defend the historical markers, and in fact, the history of the USA as a nation. The Left cannot tolerate the statues which honor their own heroes: the artifacts of the Democrat Secession and Civil War to protect Democrat-owned slavery of blacks.

The gathering at Charlottesville has been declared to be White Supremacist. And included in the group were, indeed, some white supremacists. But not all. The term "White Supremacist" is now the pejorative applied to all who are not Marxist Progressives.

So the official Oppressor Class in the Marxist Three Class system of class war has been named: we are all to be known as White Supremacists.

I have little doubt that the term, "fascist", will be competing with the term, "white supremacist", as the holy warriors of the "Alt Left" (new term thanks to Trump) continue to weaponize to beat and maim protestors and bystanders they deem beneath themselves.

Here's a prediction: sooner or later the Right will false-flag the Antifas by dressing up in all black and attacking from behind and within the Antifa population. Does that qualify as 4th gen warfare?

Here's another thought: Now that the entire political structure is anti-Trump, he might have to go third party in 2020. If that split happens there is a decent chance of the Democrats electing a psycho, say Pocahontas Warren, and the hammer coming down on the rest of us.

It's important to note the elevation of Antifa and its violence to the status of moral heroes who are fighting racism (white supremacy). Antifa will likely garner more members due to the messianic savior image it is receiving from politicians, MSM, and celebs. Antifa could morph into the equivalent of the Red Army in Russia's communist revolution assault on humanity. We already have the Lenins, Trotskys, and are just awaiting our Stalin. With the universities, corporations and much of the military already converged, and with Trump on the ropes, nothing can be surprising anymore.

Charlottesville demonstrations: Law profs say white society at large bears responsibility
It's always the same for these folks: whites are evil.

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