Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Decade of Blogging

This is my tenth year with this blog. It's character has changed somewhat as the culture changed into its vicious intellectual and moral segregation. But the intent is still the same:
All questions honestly seeking answers will be addressed.

I originally had hoped to have logic-based discussions with Atheists which would deductively seek the truth. I was and am devoted to the Aristotlian induction/deduction/test process.

What I found was far different, because Atheism (Evolutionism and Leftism, too) care not a whit about logic. These are all Narrative-based pseudo-religions. These in turn involve punishment (including expulsion from the cult) for any divergence from the narrative. This is not speculation, it is observable fact.

Still, I enjoy the questions the most. So if you do question my take on any subjects, ask (nicely please) and I am delighted and devoted to providing my take on the thing at hand. From there we can discuss whether it is actually logical or fallacious.

One of my favorite subjects is science, its roots in logic and intellectual honesty, and the science of today - both valid and not so valid. Whatever you find that is questionable we can bat around and see if it breaks. Just hop in anywhere.

I do have ongoing problems with trolls, so I need to keep the blog in Moderation Mode for the time being. Sorry for that, but it's necessary in today's world.


Steven Satak said...

C.S. Lewis and the Socratic Club had the same problem - finding an intelligent atheist who was willing to argue their point in front of rational people. And that was in the 1940s.

User42 said...

Ah finally a fan! Oh wait, it's just Steven again, and he never asks question, he just wants to give and receive attention. Make sure you acknowledge his support Stan!

JBsptfn said...

That's also what's going on at the CADRE right now. Joe is having trouble with an atheist named The Pixie and another certain someone.

Steven Satak said...

Speaking of attention whores, nice to see you again, "User42".