Saturday, September 2, 2017

An American Beatdown

If you read just one article today, I recommend that you read this one.

An honest reporter follows the Patriot Prayer founder through his beatdown in Berkeley.
A Beating in Berkeley
Antifa mayhem and malice in Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park
This possibly is the point where the Leftist violence and animal brutality can no longer be ignored or concealed by the establishment Left/Rinos/MSM.

The Morality flip flop has occurred at a head-spinning rate, with the public posturing of politicians' uber-morality tacitly condoning Antifa as heroes after Charlottesville beatdowns, to condemning Antifa in harshest of terms after this Berkeley beatdown. The mayors and cops should be condemned also, being nothing more than wallpaper at the edge of these atrocities by the Federally acknowledged terrorist group.


Steven Satak said...

The appearance of flip-flopping can be put down to "its postmodernism. It finds each part of a contradiction politically useful, and that is the standard that matters."

It is power that matters. All the rest - truth, individual lives, human misery - is just material to be worked and discarded.

Who is going to correct the Left/Rinos/MSM? Hillary, despite her track record of calculated evil, is still walking around free. So is her husband.

Who will finally bring them - ANY of them - to heel? Who in a deliberately divided America will have the power to do it?

That - is one of the strongest motivators behind the attempted balkanization of our country.

Stan said...

The Will to Power is Nietzsche's contribution to the world, including the bloody 20th Century. I'm not sure if Atheism comes first or if it derives directly from Nietzsche's death wish for the world. It doesn't really matter except academically, I suppose. But the two are necessarily symmetrically interdependent, in the sense that one presupposes the other.

Truth is not the antidote; there is no truth for these.

Love is not the antidote; they have turned power into "love" and dissent into hate.

Escape is not the antidote; there are no new continents and the old ones belong to Google.

Rising to the Power Challenge? Maybe, maybe not; but what else is even possible?