Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bacon as a Hate Crime

From Sweden, the Leftist Paradise:
Swedish Man Charged for Eating Bacon in Front of Muslim Women
A 53-year-old Stockholm man was convicted by authorities for – literally – eating bacon in front of a few veiled Muslim women.
Prediction: Swedish Sharia will ban bacon, ham, and pigs in general to protect the Muslim sensitivities.

And there's this:


User34 said...

Nothing to do with Sharia law; this was harassment and Sweden has laws against that kind of targeted harassment.

Steven Satak said...

Yes, the headline is misleading. And your point? Have you never read a bait-and-switch article before? You must not frequent Yahoo much. Anyone reading the original article would have immediately realized the true reason this guy was hauled in.

So... wonderful. I am glad to read that the harassment laws are being enforced against otherwise-law-abiding Swedes. You know, the Swedes who have been bound and gagged, legally speaking, while their leaders open the gates to a new barbarian invasion. Perhaps this is the only way the poor bastard felt he could protest. Would that Antifa's 'protests' were so peaceful!

But yes, yes, excellent work!

A pity those oh-so-effective harassment laws appear to have no affect on these same Muslim invaders whose men periodically gang-rape Swedish women. It would seem that enforcing THOSE laws is quite beyond the will or ability of the Swedish police.

So what, exactly, was your point? I note your nym has no link back to blogger or indeed, anywhere else. That is a red flag.