Sunday, September 24, 2017

Succinct Analysis: Political Correctness and Postmodernism

Jordan Peterson


Steven Satak said...

Nice. Describes both, demonstrates that both - taken together - contradict each other, then goes through the possible motives behind people who follow such an internally-contradictory ideology (which is most of the Left).

He eliminates the claimed motives, notes the results of previously following such an ideology to its logical conclusion (the hundreds of millions of dead in the 20th Century), notes that the current advocates steadfastly ignore that conclusion and himself concluded it is a Will to Power.

Power corrupts and so along the way, these self-appointed elites begin to stumble because (a) they just can't wait to tell other people what to do - it's what Power is *for*, after all, and (b) think they are themselves magically exempt from being consumed by fellow believers of the Will to Power. This latter belief is yet another contradiction (and a flagrant delusion), because let's face it, why would you virtue-signal to your fellow Leftists if not to constantly assure them that you were *one of them, a True Believer, and not to be attacked and consumed?*

Stan said...

Interesting observation you made - virtue signalling is a lot like repeating the pledge of allegiance to the tribe. Losing the faith of the tribe represents the complete collapse of SJW self-image and self-value. Membership in the tribe must be re-affirmed constantly with demonstrations of tribal virtues.