Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Left and Its Anti-Semites.

By its very actions the Left opposes Jews and Judaism at every turn. From the BDM attempt to dis-invest in Israel to the fatuous love affair with Islam, including the Palestinian terrorist state-less state, anything to injure either Israel or individual Jews is fair game to the Left.

This sort of prejudice is a common feature of the Left, because it gathers their hate into a focal point. A century ago the focus was on blacks, who were hangable for looking at a white woman. That was before the Left found the Marxist solution: tribalize people into classes - some into Victimhood Classes and some into the Class To Be Hated.

Jews have always been allocated into the Class To Be Hated; even secular Jews joined into that effort and became Leftists.

The Leftist love for Islam is based in their compatibility with both Islamic Anti-Semitism and with the totalitarianism of Islamic regimes. This love affair renders as orphans the previous stars of Leftist Victimhood: Women, Homosexuals, ghetto blacks - all of whom are endangered by the Islamic world. Victimhood obviously exists only so long as its usefulness exists; then it is ignored and submerged by new Victimhood classes, even if the new classes threaten the older classes with extinction.

Even the Leftist concepts of freedom - free sex of any nature (including sex with nature), total egalitarianism, free equal outcomes, freedom from religion, freedom to change the rules without notice - all this Leftist Marxism is threatened by Islam. But no matter. Islam is both Anti-western and Anti-Semitic, and that is what counts in this portion of the Leftist Progress toward Marxist Utopia.

Project for those so inclined: Ask a Leftist, "What is this Utopia that Leftists want to create? How does that comport with human nature? Most importantly why do you want it - what is in it for you?"

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