Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What If The Left Loses The Pronoun Diktat Offensive?

Principles of Enforced Compassion and the Confiscation of Human Rights.

Transgender pronouns are specifically NOT the issue; pronouns are the skirt behind which the real issue is hidden. The real issue is forcing others into compliance, using "compassion" as the bludgeon of enforcement. We must comply out of compassion in order to avoid damaging the "Victim" with the "violence of unkind words". The "Victim" is, by Leftist definition, too fragile and helpless to withstand common language usage, especially when referring to biological reality instead of obvious mental disorientation (disorder).

The "Victim's" phantasmagorical non-reality (implemented by drugs and surgery) reigns supreme over actual physical, biological reality. This non-reality must be maintained by all whom the "Victim" encounters - out of enforced "compassion".

There is no such thing as legitimate enforced compassion. The closest analog is taxation without representation, which is confiscation.
Enforced compassion is merely confiscation of human rights.
Forcing absurd pronoun usage onto the Other is pure conquest. If you can force me to say Xe or Xamo or Xap or any other non-word, then you can force me to do anything, and I am your ideological slave. Thus is invented: Compassionate Slavery. Only the very evil could conceive of, and implement such a program.

In Canada, it is now law. Compassionate Slavery to the whims of ill individuals is a legal requirement, punishable by law if not performed properly according to the whim of the individual "Victim".

Not so (yet) in the USA. One is a Compassionate Slave only voluntarily, either by complicity or by cowardice in the face of certain oppression by the Left.

The confiscation of human rights by the means of Enforced Compassion (Compassionate Slavery) is the easiest place to take a stand, if the rational faction of the USA ever wishes to do so. The Transgender Pronoun Issue is so absurd that it would seem that no rational person could choke it down unless buckling under Leftist enforcement.

Third person pronouns are normally not even used in the presence of first persons in normal conversation any way, so the issue cannot actually affect the "Victim" at all. So there is no actual need or use for this faux compassion. This rational failure is the logical death knell for the issue. But force alone is keeping it alive and even legal, at least in Canada.

This is the simplest issue to resist. Refusal to do as told is all it takes. And if the Left loses this attempt to induce Ideological Slavery in this particular instance it will be easier to defeat their inevitable subsequent attempts at confiscating human rights as well.

As an aside, the new gender-fluid spectrum of "gender choice" is fatal to homosexuality, as well. If all gender is merely a matter of choice and not birth-genetics, then homosexuality is purely a choice as well - as is pedophilia and pederasty. So the refrain, "I was born this way", does not comport with this new principle, and therefore homosexual regret is a real issue all of a sudden, whereas it was a forbidden concept before. But homosexuality is now completely under the Leftist bus, replaced first by Islam and now by transsexuality. Logical absurdity and non-coherence is never an issue for Leftists.

Paglia: Androgyny as a Signal of Cultural Collapse


Jonathan Skyes said...

“Logical absurdity and non-coherence is never an issue for Leftists.”

The “gender spectrum” completely undermines LGBT. No gender binary means no bisexuality. Non-binarism delegitimizes the same sex/opposite sex model L and G are predicated on. If gender is a spectrum, then the male/female endpoints underlying LG and B are of no special significance. If the gender spectrum is a thing, then “transgender” could just as easily mean transitioning from Ambigender to Surgender to Attack Helicopter. And if everybody is transgender then nobody is.

If gender is a social construct, then how can people have hard-wired “male” and “female” brains? Either sex is biological or it isn’t.

The whole leftist house of cards is about to topple over the edge of the cliffs of insanity.

Stan said...

Very good point, and now I definitely identify as an Attack Helicopter. I'll have to work up some pronouns tho, since its not all that obvious what they would be.

I did use the entire Encyclopedia Britannica for my pronoun, but that was then, and I'm all about change, especially without notice or reason, and they'd better be used properly right on time or its a violent attack on my psyche. I'm considering "His Vaunted Chopperness", but that's too easy to remember.