Tuesday, September 26, 2017

First Principles, Left and Right

This is a rough draft of the concept of principles which underlie the Left and Right. It's a first cut, and there might be errors or omissions which need correction. Each point is debatable and debate is encouraged for those with sincere, non-troll, ideas.

First Principles, Right and Left: Fundamentals of the Culture War

First Principles: "Deemed self-evident and requiring no further justification."

1. Globalism over national laws.

2. Disregard for US Constitution and national laws.

3. Promotion of Marxist Class War: (Identity tribalism). Use of Victimhood to generate Ideological Compassionate Slavery, both of Victims as well as Othered Classes. All humans and cultures are equal (e.g., Islam equals western Leftism equals black culture equals communists equals African dictators, etc.), except for those which are not equal (e.g., “fascism”, “western culture - aka the patriarchy”, “conservatives”, “constitutionalists”, etc).

4. Anti-Free Speech.

5. Anti-Free Assembly.

6. Anti-dissent. Vilify and neutralize dissent (enforced unity vs punishment).

7. Information control: MSM; social media;

8. Nietzschean Will To Power: Deep State; emotional control of new generations via postmodern rejection of Enlightenment Empirical intellect, truth and internal coherence.

9. Relativism; Destiny of history validates all possible means (without regard for harm).

10. Humans can be molded into utopian compliance, and must be, by whatever means or force is necessary. The Left will supervise and control the compliance processing as well as the final utopian product.

1. Humans are unique and have “unalienable rights” which are granted by authority superior to man and are not to be violated by man.

2. Those unalienable rights are also guaranteed in the US Constitution, including the Bill of Rights.

3. The USA is unique in regard to the protection of those unalienable rights.

4. Civil health depends on laws, local and national, to be obeyed. The existence of laws requires a common cultural civil and moral compact, which is codified.

5. Civil dissent and debate is healthy. Violence against dissent, suppression of dissent, is anti-human rights.

6. Humans behaving lawfully have the right to be left alone, to pursue their own path through life starting with the circumstances and opportunities available to everyone, but not guaranteed outcomes, nor guaranteed special assistance which is not available to every human.

7. Humans have the right to own unlimited property without state interference or social interference.

8. Humans do not have a right to the property owned by others. Nor do humans have a right to enslave other humans, nor to force any human who is abiding by the law into unwanted activity.

9. Humans have a right to participate in their own governing.

10. Humans have a right to change governments which are oppressive to human rights, which are parasitical or non-responsive.


Joey said...

Dear Stan,
Given the climate we live in, and how the Left and the Right are so opposed, is it possible that some satanic forces are at work? It seems to me that there must be more than just an earthly battle going on. Perhaps the Left is under the influence, and I'm not talking about all the weed. Do you think that the Left is an instrument of evil? I mean even the name... do you want to be right or not? They choose the latter! Anything but to be Right, against their own interests. It's just so incoherent.

John said...

Hi Stan,
That's actually a great summary! I don't think many people fall in every negative points thankfully, but too many agree with most... I don't comment often, but thanks for sharing.