Friday, September 29, 2017

Zman on NFL

Maybe if there were actual lions and naked gladiators involved...
Leftist politics attacks masculinity, whiteness and the USA:
In a feminine society like ours, it is just a matter of time before masculine things like sports are either made girlish or relegated to the fringe. Boxing, for example, still exists, but only as a fringe sport done by foreigners. UFC has managed to gain an audience, but again, it is as a renegade activity, done underground and on pay-per-view. White mothers will never be taking their sons to UFC camp. They can tolerate martial arts, just as long as it is white boys in bathrobes, safely pretending to be Jackie Chan.

This is why football is so much trouble. Peak professional football was probably a dozen years ago. It was around then that white mothers, especially divorced middle-class mothers, started turning against youth football. They did not want their little baby being run over by black kids. That’s why the concussion hysteria gained traction. It’s a ready made excuse for pulling the white kids out of football, that lets white women pretend it is not racism driving their decision. After all, they loved Will Smith in the concussion movie!

It’s why the NFL’s decision to let their blacks kneel during the anthem is going to be a disaster for them. The owners signed off on it thinking it added drama and would therefore draw in girls, because girls and girly-men like drama. Instead, those kneeling black players are a stark reminder to white women that the sport of football is for violent black men, not nice suburban white boys. Youth participation in football is collapsing and this will only serve to accelerate it. The NFL has now made football anti-white and un-American.

Despising the players is lose-lose; blacks and the Left can't support the NFL. I'd boycott it myself, except that I never watch sports, so it wouldn't really be a boycott to add another reason for not watching the NFL. However, if anybody asks... I'm all for naked female gladiators.


Steven Satak said...

"I'm all for naked female gladiators..."

I'm not.

I've watched two likely-looking lasses in the MMA ring, beating each other bloody and part of my mind was admiring their figures and another part was wincing, flinching and finally, shrieking 'THIS IS WRONG!!!'.

Don't know if it' my upbringing or not, but unless you're disarming a killer or something of a similar nature, seeing a woman get punched in the head or the body or really, anywhere, just repels the hell out of me.


Brent said...

Got to agree with Steve here. Violence, even for purely entertainment purposes, is not something we should encourage. Not like we should ban it either though. It's totally their choice, but also mine not to speak up against violence.