Friday, October 13, 2017

Homosexuals Are Under the Sharia Bus At UT San Antonio

'Reading the Riot Act' to Truth-Tellers at UT San Antonio
If you are a candidate for a Victimhood tribal assignment you might want to check on the current placement of your tribe on the Leftist hierarchy of Victimhood Classifications. For example, if you are a woman you will find that you're tribe was so 1990's and is not relevant in any significant manner in today's hierarchy. In fact, the same goes for homosexuals.

Today's untouchable Victimhood Class winner is, of course, Islam; the Muslims. It is not possible to overstate the degree of fawning respect which is accorded to the Religion of Peace. And that directly impacts the estrogenics and the sexually non-restrictives, since Islam, Sharia and Muslims all relegate those classes to the hindmost of human importance. Better check with an accredited Leftist to find out what the upcoming tribe will acquire top Victimhood Status. If it is eskimos, then get up some blubber and fill out the tribal acceptance forms.

The Left is based on inconsistencies. So the other classes, including blacks and other skin-tones as well as hormonals and sexual spectrumists understand that their time has come and gone. One must remain flexible in order to deal with new winners in the Victimhood game, because the new winners might completely cancel out the human value of the previous Victims, rendering the previous ones completely helpless and without the protection of their betters.

But maybe the Leftist game will come to a halt with the Religion of Peace and its Qur'an/hadiths/Sharia, which will allow the kaffir to convert or die.

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