Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Bellagio Hotel Cover-Up (Udated)

What happens in Vegas.... will be down the memory hole by morning.

The cover-up part is from 19:15 through 20:30.

The Bellagio Hotel is 1.5 miles from the concert; the Bellagio incident was 45 minutes after the concert shooting. The "echo from the concert" excuse is a non-starter. The multiple shooter issue from cab driver witnesses came well after the shooting started at the concert.

Note also the video from the shooting at the Aria. And shooting at the New York, New York Casino??


Steven Satak said...

Yes, but I still have not come up with a motive... WHY would there be a coverup, Stan? Using the least tincture of conspiracy:

- Who would benefit from such a thing?

- How could they organize it in the current environment of 'everyone's phone is a TV Crew waiting to go viral and hit it rich?

- Why hasn't it been put together by the MSM, who for godsakes even quote John Wayne's son making slighting remarks against the sitting President if they think they can pull down some clickz?

Remember, use Occam's Razor on this. Sometimes, in your zeal, you start down the rabbit hole and your otherwise accurate post devolves into a string of '-isms' which confuses even me.

There ARE conspiracies out there. Look at the shitstorm that is Harvey Weinstein. Look at the seeming contradiction between what the Lefits ninnies in Hollywood SAY they value and what they actually value when the rubber meets Harvey Weinstien's penis.

I think videos and first-hand accounts can be suppressed by MSM who have a unified agenda. But the people in those organizations are NOT monolithic robots, they're greedy, noble, wicked and brave, just like the rest of us. If there is a truth being suppressed by virtue of being ignored, there has to be a VERY strong motive from VERY strong people and it won't last forever.

Mike888 said...

That’s not an update. It's the 1 lady who filmed herself saying there were gunshots...

Stan said...

Possible scenario (a fabrication; not factual):
1. It's another Gun Walking ATF/FBI gig, using a dummy (retired gambler/risk taker with no paper trail) as the intermediary, selling lots of guns to someone, and it went wrong. ATF/FBI knows immediately that TSHTF, but has some image control to do. Explains the number and variety of guns involved.

2. ATF/FBI clamps down on local cops, in order to figure out (a) how to suppress its own incompetence and (b) to develop a cover story and (c) let the local police take the heat with the media/public. Explains the time lag.

3. After an hour they figured that since the retired gambler/risk taker was dead, they could allow police to storm the room, and make stupid declarations (no terrorism; single shooter) which they could not possibly have confirmed, and which was obviously scripted.

4. Angry Jihadis or even cartel gun buyers let loose on crowds at concert, and shortly later in hotel lobbies as the Jihadis/Cartel buyers were moving away from the concert, leaving the area. They successfully escape.

5. This fabrication explains more than any official account so far.

6. There are other possible explanations, including the real explanation which we might never know.

Steven Satak said...

Well, one thing is certain. There are enough disputations of the lone gunman story and enough people killed, that this will be difficult (if not impossible) to quash.

Of course, they can always just let the public's attention span expire. It worked for JonBenet Ramsey.

Mike888 said...

That possible scenario does not explain anything more than the official story as it relies on false information, i.e. there's no evidence of multiple shooters