Monday, October 16, 2017

NFL Seals Its Fate

The protests are in essence anti-white, anti-police, anti-western law. They are irrational in the sense that there is nothing of substance (i.e. data) for grounding their fact-free charges of "Racism".
NFL Commissioner Caves to Players: Will Not Require Standing for Anthem

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell signaled last week that a change in policy regarding standing for the national anthem would be approved by team owners at the annual fall meeting next week.

But the players and their allies in the media pushed back -- hard. Now it appears that Goodell and the players union will codify a policy that will allow kneeling or any other protest during the playing of the anthem. And the league will justify it by using the NFL brand as a "platform to both raise awareness and make progress on issues of social justice and equality in this country."

In other words, a total, complete cave to the players.
Rational whites and others will respond to this attack by denial of funding: reduced attendance, viewership, and elimination of federal perqs such as tax exemption.


Mike888 said...

You mean something like that?
Will Trump complain about Trump?
Will you??

Stan said...

You have asserted a Category Error/Black&White Fallacy.

Trump obviously was not informed of the protocol or meaning of the bugled "retreat" of the flag. He was not purposefully disrespecting the flag.

You are attempting a Tu Quoque Fallacy charge, which fails entirely and completely due to the Category Error and Black&White Fallacy which you erroneously used.

So your comment is a desperation attack which misses the mark by a very wide logic margin: three fallacies all rolled into one. Congratulations.

Now that the NFL has stamped its approval on the disrespect for the flag, the NFL will slowly fade into the scope of roller-rink-racing. Maybe even quickly fade.

Mike888 said...

Trump did not recognize the song!? Did not see people around!?
You're making great points..... he is a senile fool that needs to be removed from office. Can't wait for Pence to invoke the 25th ammendment. Trump is an embarrassment, a con man, he did nothing right so far and followed none of his promises.