Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Lost Objective: Natural Rights of All Humans

Leftist Marxism demands the fragmentation of all institutions. That's the reason for the tribalism which defines many Victimhood tribes and one, hated, Othered, Oppressor tribe. The revolutionaries are always the messiah tribe, of course, promising salvation to the many Victimhood tribes which the Left has precipitated out of the single "American Tribe". The blatant divide-and-conquer strategy is working toward dividing the single "American Tribe" by using hate: the Victimhood tribes are induced into frothing hatred of the Othered Oppressor "American" tribe. The Oppressor Tribe cannot avoid their hatred now that violence has started up against them, and deep distrust is naturally generated.
“The victim stance is a powerful one. The victim is always morally right, neither responsible nor accountable and forever entitled to sympathy.”
Dr Ofer Zur, “The Psychology of Victimhood”
This purposeful schism results in thoughts of self-protection on both sides, each protecting itself from the other side. This is deeply held, to the point of fearing that the dominance of the other side will result in eradication by genocide.[1] The fear is falsely generated by lies from the messiah tribe, for whom the fear-driven fragmentation is absolutely necessary. So it is a tactic which is constantly bolstered by gasoline-on-the-fire rhetorical fallacies and escalating hair-on-fire accusations against the American Oppressor tribe without evidence or hope of evidence. The cultural Marxists seemingly cannot quit; their personal hatred is all-consuming. And it is fully supported by their Atheist, elitist, moral superiority, without which their entire worldview and ego collapses into nothing.[2]

The Marxist aspect is open and blatant, bringing the suspicion that other actual Marxist societies might be involved in this rending of the American fabric. Who, exactly, would benefit from another American civil war? Marxists of all stripes come to mind, both domestic and foreign. After all, we are sliding down the Comte, Cloward-Piven, Gramcian, Frankfort School authoritarian-by-chaos slope: designed chaos and social destruction, to be followed by the forced Marxist utopia managed top-down by Leftist god-men. Such god-men still exist in Marxist utopias such as North Korea, Cuba, China, and still in Russia.

Donald Trump Isn’t Fighting A Culture War But A Cultural Revolution

The rights the American revolutionaries fought for were an inherent part of themselves, always referred to as “the rights of Englishmen.” It was identity politics, but fought for an identity bound up in natural rights, one that could eventually be adopted by every American of every national origin, ethnicity, and race.

That American identity is what the cultural revolutionaries are determined to replace with their very different identity politics. That’s why they’re defacing statues of Christopher Columbus and attacking Thomas Jefferson and George Washington as slave-holders. We’ll sorely miss that visceral American identity when it’s gone, not least because it’s the safeguard of the universal rights and the other civilizational achievements we benefit from.

Is there a way out of the newly gelling mutually hostile tribal identities that are replacing it? Can we ever climb back into an e pluribus unum identification with all Americans as members of one tribe?

Question asked: Can this aggression be stopped, short of actual violent warfare? How?

1. A valid practical concern regarding historical Marxists.
2. Even Russia has become open to religious re-entry.

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