Wednesday, October 4, 2017

This Week's Leftist Logic Lockouts

1. Trump's a Fascist, so take away everyone's guns by government force.
2. Police are evil, so have them take away everyone's guns.
3. We need a rational conversation about guns, on how to take away everyone's guns.
4. The Las Vegas shooter apparently used illegal automatic-fire weapons, so we need laws to take away everyone's guns.
5. Silencers kill people, so we need to take away everyone's guns.
6. Both the concert and the hotel are gun-free zones; we need more of those.
7. The NRA is responsible; so the NRA is a terrorist organization.
8. Jimmy Kimmel wept; Jimmy Kimmel for president.
9. The shooter bought his guns legally, therefore we must close the gun show loophole, sez Kimmel.
10. A shooter; therefore all Republicans should be killed/shot/eradicated.

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