Saturday, December 30, 2017

Child Sex Trafficking - Yes, It's a Thing

I have been against the death penalty ever since DNA has been used to release unjustly convicted prisoners. Prosecution has proven to be an uncontrolled venue of scoundrels. Still, there's this.
Child sex trafficking – as easy in Seattle as ordering a pizza

When she disappeared, Nacole’s husband drove the streets of Seattle looking for their little girl. Almost two weeks later, Seattle Police called the parents saying they’d found the runaway daughter.

“She looked completely different than she had 10 days before. Her hair was cut. It was colored. Her fingernails had been done. She had completely different clothes,” she says. “On the way home she started telling us that she had been held captive in Everett, and that she had been raped and that she had been made to work the streets.”

If you’re a parent, pause for a few seconds and imagine how you’d feel after hearing your child say she – or he, sex trafficking happens to boys too – had just been forced into prostitution.

“As parent you just, you,” Nacole says with her voice trailing off. “In hindsight, I think my entire family was in shock. We just said, ‘okay, you’re more than the sum of these 10 days we’re going to get through this as a family.'”

Nacole thought the ordeal was over.

It happened again.

Supply and demand: both need to be eradicated, swiftly, totally, permanently and without compassion.

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