Friday, December 29, 2017

Stupidity Never Sleeps

Arab DNC [Democrat National Committee] Leader Denounces Rachael Ray's 'Cultural Genocide' in Calling Food 'Israeli'

Zogby jumped into the fray, declaring, "Damn it Rachael Ray. This is cultural genocide. It's not Israeli food. It's Arab (Lebanese, Palestinian, Syrian, Jordanian). First the Israelis take the land & ethnically cleanse it of Arabs. Now they take their food & culture & claim it's theirs too! Shame."
Given that Israel has a substantial population of Arabs (25%), how many Democrat lies can we count in the Zogby rant, above?

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Steven Satak said...

It's more virtue-signaling. Costs this idiot 'lawmaker' nothing and gets him free press.

I swear, the Islamists are playing the retarded half of our culture like a harp from Hell.